Bombogenesis Visits Watkins Glen

[Note: Had NO clue what a “Bombogenesis” was. Had to Bing It. -Ed]

The tireless Meredith T. of Farm Sanctuary digs way out and checks in. “With a large swath of the country digging out from Bombogenesis (that’s what they’re calling it! I swear!)..”

“I wanted to send you an adorable gallery of images of ‘Farm Animals in Snow.'”

“Just picture it— precious ducks, pigs and cows prancing and frolicking in snow.”

“I’m not sure why, but people never think about farm animals being in the snow.”

“These sweet images from our Watkins Glen, NY shelter have an element of magic and surprise..”

2013_01-02_FSNY_Diane_pig_left_Linus_pig_right_CREDIT_Farm_Sanctuary 108
“…. I think your readers would enjoy!”




  1. MUST VISIT NOW! Sorry for the yelling. Could not be helped.

  2. that second picture – skinniest piggy ever!

  3. So cute! For some reason that bottom photo makes me think of “Charlotte’s Web.”

  4. I just came here to post the very same thing!

  5. Wait, you actually ‘Binged it’? Someone’s too impressionable to watch ‘Hawaii Five-O.’

  6. Your right. Snow is for all animals. Funny to see pigs in snow

  7. Never have I seen such grins on piggies! They sure do like having their pictures taken. Are they warm enough in the snow. (Not nuffing. Just asking ’cause I really don’t know.)

  8. Such cute shots!

  9. That pig is actually in good shape for a young animal. The pigs people are used to seeing are the fat/overmuscular ones used in food production, which are far from healthy, happy snorfers like this one. Same goes for milking cows – their udder is not supposed to reach the ground or even their ankles, but to stay firmly above the hocks.

    As for the description: some people do think of farm animals in the snow, especially when their country usually has snow for about 4-6 months in a year 🙂

  10. From what I remember, adult pigs can tolerate cold fairly well, despite having no hair or thick layer of fat. Of course they need a shelter when it’s really cold/wet/windy, but as long as they have enough food, they produce enough heat to cope in cool environment. New-born piglets will die if the temperature drops to below ~37 C or so, hence the heat lamps in their pens.

  11. Lucy's mommeh says:

    Ahhh, Watkins Glen. My mom & dad & a bunch of ne’er do well buddies used to go to the racetrack there for a solid week in the summer. Glad to see happy critters in that town.

  12. Smartypants says:

    The 3 ducks look like a Beatrix Potter story! Very Qte.

  13. UPSTATE NY whoooo. bred born and raised near Syracuse ” lets go orange”
    yep homesick deep into my bones can ya tell. lol

  14. alexalily says:

    Whooo UPSTATE NY born an raised near Syracuse ” Let’s Go Orange ”
    homesick down to my bones can’t ya tell. lol

  15. I loved seeing a “skinny” pig too!

  16. Dan Gillotte says:

    Love Farm Sanctuary! Doing such good work for animals!

  17. @ Berg and @ Laieanna – Yes! Charlotte’s Web to the nth degree!