How Much Are Those Kitties in the Window (Melting Our Brains)?

Dog 1: Daaaw, I want to take the black one home and name it Midnight.

Dog 2: Gawrsh, I want to take the white one home and name it Snowball.

Dog 3: Hurrr, I want to take the grey one home and name it Charcoal.

Dog 4: Grrrr, I want a crowbar, and I don’t particularly care what color it is.

Susan M. found this on the “Dog Bless You” non-profit page on Facebook.



  1. D’aww! No one can resist a basket of feline fluff! This makes me smile like the fool that I am!

  2. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Goldens and labs have the best “benevolent curiosity” faces.

  3. Less than 2 weeks to the Puppy Bowl,and the kitty half-time show!

  4. such beautiful goldens!

  5. “Aww, ain’t they cuuute?”

    “No way, man. Those things are nothing but trouble. With pointy bits.”

  6. Is it that time of the year already!? Yay! Thanks for the reminder.

  7. I wonder who’s more thankful for that pane of glass, the kittens or the golden’s

  8. The people who own the place because I believe those four Golden Labs would bust in and start to treat all of those dear sweet kitties as their babies 😀

  9. Tony James says:

    On the other hand, dogs are colour-blind, so it’s possible that the conversation went more like

    “I want the grey one.” “No, *I* want the grey one!” “Paws off, Dribbly – the grey one is *mine*!”