Ever Had One Of Those Daze?

You’re a cat, and you’ve had one for the record books. But remember…in this Dog Eat Dog world of ours, it’s good to be The Cat.

Helder C.’s wife giving their kitteh Nina the deluxe treatment.



  1. Nina should really learn to relax! 🙂 (What a pretty kitty with such good parents1)

  2. Once A Fish says:

    Wasn’t there a similar video to this a long time ago? “Baroness Von Shoulderpads”?

  3. Belly rubs for a cat? I’ve yet to meet a cat that didn’t try to kill me for doing that.

  4. lol, depends on the cat. Most of mine would at least seriously maim me, but I do have a couple that allow it. And seem to enjoy it. 🙂

  5. Both of our cats love belly rubs. One even rubs his own face while he’s getting his tum stroked.

    Nina is adorable, and her humans really know how to treat her! It looks like she has some really cool zebra-like brown stripes on her right side.

  6. Depends on the cat AND on that cat’s mood at that particular moment! Sometimes they love it, next time they maim you. Or maybe they love it for a few seconds, then suddenly maim you. That uncertainty is just part of the joy of living with a cat.

  7. Yes! I would love to see Nina right-side-up, to get a better look at her unusual markings.

  8. Of the six cats I’ve shared my homes with over the years, two have absolutely loved belly rubs. Both would roll on to their backs if a trusted human walked by, as if to say, “hey, if you feel like rubbing a cat belleh, here’s one for you!” One would always wash her face while I was doing it.

    Both were slow to allow strangers to do it, though. If a new human starting coming to the house a lot, they’d have to spend a lot of time on chin and ear and hip scritches before they were granted belly privileges.

  9. Whoops, my comment above should say her LEFT side. I must need more coffee…

  10. All but two of the cats currently living with me–nine, including 4 ferals (long pathetic story)–LOVE LOVE LOVE belleh rubs. The two that don’t are the mama feral, Molly Weasleycat, and one of the non-ferals. Molly’s 3 children adore them.

    Moral of the story: there’s no predicting with cats, because cats are weird.

  11. Mingles' Mommy says:

    Sooo cute. I love how the owners are cracking up the whole time.

  12. My kitty’s on the belly-rub-bandwagon too, she really seems to like them! And the great thing about her is that if she has enough or gets annoyed, she just walks away instead of freaking out at me, haha. The worst I’ll get is a grab to my arm, and she’s just being playful. It does hurt though, so fortunately she’ll never grab my head when I’m in for belly kisses, I’m glad she knows that claws to the face are off-limits!

  13. I had one of those days today..crying over a stupid boy.I mean I am 29…but C.O. cheered me up today.

  14. Hope your situation improves, Trina…C.O. is a great place to visit on bad days (well, on good days, too)!

  15. Sure is a hard-knock life for this poor,poor puss.

  16. Hey guys, thanks for the comments! I’m the owner of the video. She meows for petting like she does for food, so usually I don’t know what she wants! If I hold my hand a few feet from her, she’ll hold on two legs just to rub her face in my moveless hand. Very affectionate, street rescued cat. Rubs on everybody 🙂

  17. I’m very glad this cheered you up, Trina 🙂

  18. Nineh is happeh.

  19. AWW 😀 I am so glad to hear that you and your wife are able to give dear sweet, Nina, a loving forever home, Helder Correia (helderco) 😀