Who’s A Better Teacher?

Let’s see who teaches going down the stairs better. On one paw hand, The Parent Puppeh patiently waits while their Mighty Little Wiggling Ball O’ Squeak h-h-h-h-hesitates down the stairs.

And then you have…the Parent Kitteh.

From VVV.


  1. Oh my, It is so wrong for me to laugh so heartily at that! I am picturing the haughty, “I meant to do that” walk at the bottom of the stairs. The expression on the mama cat! Too much!

  2. toborzgrrl says:

    Oooooh. I think I hurt myself laughing….
    Bad hahahahha kitty! Bad!

  3. Tears. Streaming. Face.

  4. That was hysterical! Poor kitten, but I too am crying from laughter. Mama kitteh says, “Come on, come on, we don’t have all day!”

  5. I loved the sound at the very end (don’t want to insert spoiler, you have to be there…)

  6. oh such a kitty! ha! down you go! *pawswat*!

  7. I’m glad I’m not the only one who nearly snorted tea out of her nose watching this! I loved the “end sound,” too!

  8. Shouldn’t that say “Parent Puppeh” up there?

  9. I can’t… I can’t even…

  10. hmm .. I think ‘kitty’ won that fight ..
    If the lesson was “Forgot you .. take this! *WACK* “

  11. Mary (the first) says:

    haha I’m still laughing!!! I will say in the kitteh’s defense, though, that the youngster looked old enough to have learned how to do stairs, so maybe she really was, “Oh come on, just go!”

  12. Oh hateful cats! watch til the very end!

  13. Tony James says:

    “Ah, get on with it already. Ok, so you fell down. Valuable lesson, kid – pay attention to your surroundings. And don’t never trust nobody, not even your mama.”

    This is why cats grow up to be unable to form meaningful emotional relationships and never go home to see their families at Christmas.

  14. I knew it was coming, but I still laughed hysterically. And then hoped the kitty was ok at the bottom.

  15. Cats do not mess around…I can hear Mama Kitty: Just go on down there! (Whap!)
    What a laugh!

  16. Dana Chester says:

    OMG! Laughing. So. Hard…tears…no sound coming out!

  17. phred's mom says:

    . . . or call once in while.

  18. Dog Lover says:

    OMG, what a riot!! I saw it coming and I still laffed my butt off. :)

  19. SlaveToCat says:

    Know we know why the elderly are so prone to falls in homes with kitties.

  20. Cats are jerks.

  21. And this is why cats are infinitely more entertaining than dogs or any other animals as house pets.

  22. “You’re supposed to land on your feet. Weren’t you listening?”

  23. I thought it was a reasonably gentle tap, after danger of mishap over…i hope

  24. Do we know fur sure that’s the kitten’s mummy? Surely not! I don’t believe it! That cattitude is more cranky-butt adversary than loving kitteh mumma.

  25. Blue Footed Booby says:

    I misread this post, mentally transposing the dash so it said “cranky butt-adversary.” I’m gonna start using that phrase in everyday conversation.

  26. hahahaha

  27. I had to go on YouTube to see the video :lol: AWW :lol: Poor kitty :lol: