Meanwhile, Lurking Off The CA Coast…

[…We’ve been spotted by Tammy L.! On the 1 MC: Conn Officer, rig for dive. We show a green board on the ballast control panel. Diving Officer- prepare to submerge the boat to periscope depth and open all ballast tank vents! Chief Of The Watch, stand by. Dive, dive, all dive!]

“I was out at Moss Landing near Monterey, California this weekend and snapped this! The first thing that came to my mind were the lyrics, ‘I always feel like somebody’s watching me!’ Hope you like it!” -Cuteporter Tammy L., on the scene.



  1. What a nice treat…

  2. Which one’s Bubble?

    I could use a good deal.

  3. Jenny Islander says:

    One summer day I went to a local state park to watch the big green rollers come swooshing in at high tide. There was a guy in a drysuit (this is Alaska) out there trying to surf, and a seal watching him with this “What in the WORLD are you DOING, mentally challenged land creature?!” expression from further along the wave front.