Cruise Australia with Ollie And Didga

“All the way from Coolangatta, Australia,” says Cuteporter Bel S. “What an awesome little chap.” (Backstory: Ollie is the name of the, er, skateboard. And Didga is the kitteh who decides to take a spin. Blimey!)



  1. OK, this video was upsetting…to my kittehs. 🙂 They are concerned now that I might think they can actually do anything other than napping, nomming and barfing. They therefore request that no CO content indicates that cats should do anything other than laze about on a throne and have hoomins adore them. 😀

    The action at 2:13 was fantastic. What an amazing kitteh Didga is!!!

  2. Incredible!

  3. What an amazing cat!! Fabulous!!

  4. This is all kinds of wonderful. I wish my days were like this!

  5. Adorable from start to finish! Brown tabbies rock, as our brown boy Basil likes to point out.

  6. AWW D I so want to cuddle dear sweet, Didga 😀 I wonder if he could teach me how to skateboard 😀

  7. Didga is one cooool cat! Loved how he jumped over Lucy the Rottie!

    The Coolangatta Tourism Bureau (heck, the Australian Tourism Bureau!) should use this video in their ads… The place looks amazing!

  8. That is the most amazing video I have ever seen. Gorgeous! 🙂

  9. Laura DragonWench says:

    Now, that is one wicked tricky tabby kitteh! And his friends aren’t too shabby, either. 🙂

  10. Sooooooo cute! I wonder if I could teach my cat to skateboard…