That’s Odd, I Don’t Smell Anything…

(Wow, I must have a cold or something, because I am just not picking up any nectar on this flower at all. Although I am getting a faint hint of deodorant…)

Via Reddit.


  1. Love the hovertext. Typical NTMTOM.

    Poor confused butterfly.

  2. 260Oakley says:

    Nice butterfly-ceps!

  3. Oh yes!!

  4. The Original Jane says:

    Inquiring minds want to know: Did it’s little tongue (sorry, proboscis) tickle?

  5. Well, she looks tickled pink… and lilac… and blue. Is it actually a tattoo? Judging by how white it is below the “ink”, it could be a sleeve. If so, I want it.

  6. Totally a tattoo, but you could still get one!

  7. I thought sleeve too!

  8. Finally….3D tattoos!

  9. Nice!

  10. Makes no scents to me.

  11. Nice.

  12. It’s all fun & cute until someone’s nectar gets sucked out… ;p

  13. I wonder if the butterfly will make a pit-stop before taking off?

  14. Ozymandias says:

    Something similar happened to my sister when she was younger. She was in her cute little bathing suit with the applique flowers on it. Along comes a fat bumblebee that lands on her while her friend runs away screaming. Litttle bee tried to take a sip, and with no luck, simply flew away. :)


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