Misa Minnie, You’re the One

You make praying, sitting pretty, rolling over, playing dead, sitting, knocking things down, waving hello, weaving, licking, pushing, shopping, closing the door, going around, even being sad so much fun. Remember Misa Minnie playing patty-cake? Huffington Post says Misa Minnie can do two dozen tricks!

Fave Frame:

Via YorkieTube.



  1. I spent 4 minutes with my mouth agape. I can’t figure if this woman is so good at dog training that she deserves her own show or the dog is so dang smart that SHE needs her own talk show, or maybe both!

  2. Shut it down. Just shut the internet down and go home! Nothing can possibly be cuter then Misa praying. Nothing!

  3. she’s smorter than i am !

  4. dust bunnies got legs!

  5. But where are the noms??

  6. The weave cups were a hoot!

  7. I saw a plate of noms on her mummies lap. But you know what, I think Misa has moved beyond food rewards and the hi 5 thing is her reward. That is one clever-as puppeh! And her cuteness? Just off the charts.

  8. Wow, I am genuinely impressed!

  9. Alice Shortcake says:

    I’ve worked with people less intelligent than that dog!

  10. Seriously? Sitting in the shoe wasn’t your favorite frame? Or holding the tiny basket in her mouth? Or, or, pushing the shopping ca….AKKK xxxx____ __ _ _
    (poster has perished of cute)

  11. Haven’t we all? 😉

  12. This post needed a WARNING, Pyrit!! My brain is totally comfluxerated!
    I…I just…can’t…HANDLE…this level of teh qte!! *lays on couch w/ cold compress on forhead*

  13. What Mamabear said, X infinity! 😯

  14. This is gonna take a while!

  15. I’m in love!

  16. Cute and smart….all in a teeny tiny package. *insert sound of asploding brain*

  17. what everyone else said here.

  18. I love the high fives! And knocking down the cups. And and and everything. And jnyjny is right, we can shut the whole internet down, we’re done here.

  19. The weaving may not look as cute, but it is more amazing.

  20. Dear CO, I’ll take Misa over Milo any day.

  21. dolphin815 says:

    *gasp* Bite your tongue!

  22. That little Misa is oh so cute!!!

  23. mommastar says:

    oh my! can i elect a puppy to be my representative in the Senate?……nah, she is way too smart for that crowd!

    CAN’T DO???