C’mon Shake Ya Tailfeathers

These birds are awesome great dancers! Gonna brawk around the clock tonight, gonna brawk, brawk, brawk ’til broad daylight. Try not to get a stitch from laughing.

Via YouTube.


  1. *ahem* I think you meant to say awKsome great dancers. :)

  2. Dancing With The Birds – I’d totally watch it!

  3. too funny – do birds really do this to music?

  4. Jenny Islander says:

    Yup! Completely spontaneously and on the beat, even. But only members of the parrot family, apparently. Scientists are actually investigating why it is that these birds can git down while the beat simply does not get to other birds. “Hey, my bird can dance!” was just one of those silly totally misinterpreted animal behaviors, like horses that “count,” until Snowball the Dancing Cockatoo hit Youtube. Behold!

    No training, no cues. He just loves the Backstreet Boys that much. And science wants to know why.

  5. It is sort of weird, it’s not like they evolved in S America in radio stations for thousands of years.

  6. Blue Footed Booby says:

    I’ve read that a lot of scientists think dancing is a result of the same neural wiring that allows us to make sense of the rhythm of language. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if parrots’ boogie proclivities were similarly a function of their ability to mimic sounds.

    Someone needs to follow a lyrebird around with a boombox.

  7. Copperbat says:

  8. Dog Lover says:

    So would I! The boids have way more charisma than most of those so-called “stars.” :)

  9. truly amazing

  10. that tiny cage for such a magnificent mammal makes me sad

  11. that white one really got into it, and I love the head thrashing for the heavy metal song!

  12. Blue Footed Booby says:

    What makes you think that’s his permanent enclosure and not just a segregated area they stuck him in for the experiment?

  13. Clairdelune says:

    Have to agree. The way they shake their tail feathers is a lot classier than twerking. :-D

  14. Clairdelune says:

    You may be right about the connection between the rhythm of language and dancing. Who knows, perhaps if it weren’t for fortuitous circumstances back in the mists of time, we would be dancing and bobbing our heads not knowing why while feathered beings watch us and click their beaks in amusement…

  15. That head-banging parrot killed me dead with laughter.

  16. bird twerk!

  17. Nice thought – let’s hope you’re right!

  18. Laura DragonWench says:

    Head-banging. Cockatoo. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought of putting those words together, let alone see them in action. Awesome!!!!

  19. Jodi Hankins says:

    I will never again be able to hear Heavy Metal without thinking of that Cockatoo! Hysterical!

  20. Jenny Islander says:

    I thought initially that that one and the bellydancing parakeet had to be staged. But the more I watch them, the more I think that, no, one of them really is a metalhead and the other one is Snake-Hipped Lil.

    I wonder if the headbanger hangs around the electronics hoping that somebody will turn that sucker UP.

  21. I keep coming back to watch the headbanger, and it cracks me up every time!