Yorkster Overload

“This is Penny – she’s smirking because her 4 little pounds of Cuteness outsmarted the Polar Vortex by staying inside!” -Cuteporter Jenny C.





  1. Very, very cute indeed!

  2. Darling little Penny, you can come and live with me in sunny California. It’s been over 80 all week. I’ll keep you nice and warm.

    I want her!!!

  3. Penny is a Tardis-dog…small on the outside, infinite cuteness on the inside (and outside too for that matter!).

  4. cutest dog i’ve ever seen…

  5. BEF = 11. /Spinal Tap reference

  6. This one goes to eleven.

  7. That’s not a dog. That’s an adorable dust bunny with eyes. And a nosicle. And tiny feetsies. But definitely not a dog.

  8. I would move in with you, Sara, if I could 😀 I know a couple of kitties that probably would just LOVE it down there 😀