We Have A Wet Clean-Up In Aisle One

Earlier today, we saw Anthony The Cat decide to take a nap on a…slice of pizza. Now, Dethan the Newfie decides to make himself at home in a decidedly damper setting.

Time for a T.O.



  1. Awwww, I love this baby! He’s either trying to soak up as much water as possible or waiting for the dish to turn into a pool.

  2. weasel wardancer says:

    Newfies and water. Like PB&J.

  3. Sweet baby! ❤
    Fun fact: black-and-white Newfies are called Landseers and some kennels consider them a separate breed.

  4. For now it’s just a bidet. 😀

  5. sabrina rose says:

    He needs a wading pool stat!

  6. Water dish doubles as a bidet? When I get a dog, it will be a Newfie.

  7. I was waiting to hear BUBBLES.

  8. Hee hee hee hee *ow* hahahahaha *ow* <—just had gallbladder surgery and it hurts to laugh…but thanks for making me laugh anyway!

  9. Oh come on! Give that dog his own lake! 🙂

  10. Is it hot there ?

  11. Reminds me of Maru trying to fit in some of those small boxes!

  12. Once A Fish says:

    My swimming pool is tooooooooooooooooooooooooooo widdle.

  13. giggle.

  14. I know Newfies are addicted to being in the water, but this is just redonk off the charts. What a silly bubba! Dethan’s owners are going to have a hard time staying in the water when they go swimming!

  15. AWW 🙂 I hope you will be feeling better real soon, Gaz 🙂

    My mom had gallbladder surgery years ago after having her gallbladder bother her for 17 years. She had gone to the doctor about it after it had been bothering her for 13 years, but the doctor had found nothing. It was 4 years later that the doctor could confirm it was her gallbladder that was the problem. The thing is two days after surgery, she was walking abour and asking the nurses when she could go home as she felt okay. The nurses were surprised how well my mom felt even though she could feel the stitches. It was 6 days after surgery when she was able to come home. Another lady had the same surger a day earlier and could not get out of bed due to the pain and that lady was about half my mom’s age.

  16. Get that boy a swimming pool! 😀

  17. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Thanks. I was wondering about the two tones.

  18. My parents’ Newfoundland once “fell off the boat” into the lake and then resisted all rescue attempts.

  19. That is just too cute! I agree, get the pooch a pool.