Caturday: Cats On The Nip

Here we explore the five stages of Catnip Addiction. The downward spiral is inevitable, as you will see in the following clip.

From the folks at The Pet Collective, as seen on



  1. Tragic! I blame the dealer, after all someone had to open up the baggie, this guy doesn’t have opposable thumbs. There’s enabling going on here people.. shocking! More puddy detoxes now!!!!

  2. Here in Colorado, “weed” is legal so our kitty isn’t “addicted.” He’s just enjoying his “salad.” Very, very cute video

  3. phred's mom says:

    Catnip. Entry level?

  4. If your food bowl is THAT big, you seriously have the munchies.

  5. They forgot STAGE 6: the Comedown (when the cat looks totally wasted a few minutes of nip rush)

  6. 😆 Kitties on catnip 😆 The two I live with will also get bombed out of their furry little minds on catnip and DEMAND I give it to them when the cupboard door where we keep the cat food is opened 😆