Beatin’ The Heat Down Undah

It’s absolutely scorching hot in Australia, so this Lil’ Ringtail Possum dove into a backyard pool to cool off. And decided to hang around for awhile, mate.

Submitted by Kathy F.


  1. I just love how he keeps giving this ‘quit laughing and get me a beer!’ look to those giggling kids! How come I never see anything this cute at my local pool?

  2. freetomato says:

    Cute little dude but the kid giggles are wonderful.

  3. Alice Shortcake says:

    We’ll excuse the lack of a privacy tail because it’s being used to hang on to the edge of the pool!

  4. “Anchor tail” :-)

  5. Wishing there was a way to send the Polar Vortex to Australia…or an iceberg…or something. :-(

  6. He certainly looks like he is enjoying the pool, maybe not the giggles

  7. Silence would have been much better. The little guy is just adorable!

  8. While he certainly seems to be enjoying the cool water, can he get OUT of the pool? Lots of animals fall/jump into pools and become trapped.

  9. Agreed! Hope he got out OK!

  10. The woman who posted the video says he would’ve drowned if not for her intervention.

  11. Jenny Islander says:

    IIRC this species can climb up their own tails.

    He’s just hanging out there, thinking to himself, “Man, this is the weirdest oasis I have ever been at. What is with the giggling naked-faced cockatoos?”

  12. That was my thought too, I hope he wasn’t hanging on for dear life with that tail.

  13. Poor little hot possum! He/She didn’t look at all distressed (as in “I’ve fallen in, and I can’t get out!”), merely chillin’.


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