She’s Got The Eye Of The Tiger

We direct your atten-shun to Jessica Kitten. She was stuck in an old chimney of a disused oven at Bakers Delight in Kilmore, Victoria, Australia. Edgar’s Mission Founder and Director Pam Ahern climbed inside the chimney and rescued her. She was a bit bedraggled but has recovered and she is ready to ROAR!





From Kyle at Edgar’s Mission.



  1. …and the snout of the lion.


  3. THey are sooo cute when they are that small. I do prefer to live with cats more than kittens, but I love to visit the kittens. I would make a great Grandmother!

  4. What a little cutie! I particularly love the action shot with the feather wand and her back feet off the floor. So glad to hear Jessica Kitten made it through her adventure and is now safe!

  5. What? What did I say?

    Are there cookies in here?

  6. HeyWattsUp says:

    I love the tiny ear wiggles when she drinks from her bottle. What a little sweetheart 🙂

  7. The belleh spots! Where’s that bubble wrap?

  8. She… looks like a he (on the last pic at least)

  9. Those FEETS!!!

  10. So, my dad was sitting in the living room one day and he heard a muffled “mew.” He thought “One of the cats got stuck in a dresser drawer AGAIN” and went into the bedroom to free it. The mewing got fainter . . . he came back out into the living room and the mewing got louder. He realized it was coming from the (unlit) fireplace. He opened the flue and one of our kittens dropped out. Kitty was shaken but unhurt–and very fortunate that it was summertime (no fire!) and that someone was right there to hear his cries for HALP! And my dad didn’t leave the ladder leaning against the house after that.

  11. SOOOOO CUTE! I know how small those green/yellow balls are, so this kitten must’ve been Teeny tiny.

  12. Gorgeous, well done Pam 🙂

  13. But if if that is indeed a ginger spot on the right side of her forehead it cannot be a boy…

  14. Smartypants says:

    Yes! That is my fave pic too – “Look, I haz anti-gravity powerz!”

  15. Wow–lucky kitten!

  16. That was one very lucky kitty indeed 😯

  17. AWW 😀 I hope that dear sweet Jessica Kitten finds her loving forever home real soon 😀

  18. Very lucky kitten indeed but,

    How do you get stuck in a dresser drawer?

  19. I don’t blame that person at the bakery, I couldn’t stand listening to those little meows either.

    Those pics look like something from the new Kitty Bowl. The puppy bowl is cute but my favorite is the half time show. So like the Legends League, why not combine the sideline entertainment and the grid iron action?

  20. My first kitty Mittens (4 white paws) would hide in my mom’s and/or my dresser drawers frequently sadly this was way before cell phones and cell phone cameras. 😦 one of her favorite things to do was to scoop out our undies one at a time and watch them drop to the floor. We did catch her doing this but we were never able to get a picture.

  21. What a sweet morsel of kitten!

  22. THAT would be a great picture.

  23. Soooooooo gorgeous! Edgar’s Mission does some wonderful work for many creatures, including ones far less adorable but no less needy than Jessica. Support them if you can!