Help Me, Fanboys, You’re My Only Hope

With the recent announcement of a “story group” to determine what is and is not official Star Wars canon, fans fear this may be the end for lesser characters who won’t make the cut, such as Jedi mystic Augie “Ben” Doggie.

Brandi E. writes: “This is my Standard Schnauzer (schnozzle), Rimski. We like to play Star Wars after bath time. These are not the droids you are looking for.”



  1. Love love love it!!!

  2. “Hardware Wars” reference for a Friday win!

  3. I truly believe Disney should put Rimski in one of the new films so he can be part of the new canon. The world needs more Jedi dogs.

  4. Wow we’re nerds.

  5. And proud of it! :mrgreen:

  6. Says the woman who goes to ComicCon and DragonCon.