See the Wacky World of Humans!

Experience Hu-MANIA!, the “fun-ucational” exhibit every otter should see! Watch real live humans in their lifelike natural habitats! Marvel at their adorable antics as they text, jog, and fight over the remote! Feeling really adventurous? Touch a human in the up-close Human Encounter area! It’s all happening at Hu-MANIA!, minutes from downtown on the 12 freeway south!

Via Reddit.



  1. “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few…”
    “Or the one…except for you, because you are ADORABLE!”

  2. Teeny tiny earsies! Want to nibble them! Want, want, want!

  3. For your safety, after touching the human, please be sure to use the conveniently placed antibacterial lotion stations. While they are fun to pet, humans are teeming with germs…

  4. “Otters” should be a tag on the left!! As of this point, without them there, how would I find them? “Unusual animals?” I don’t think they’re unusual –especially in the world of “cute animals,” though some are endangered, therefore making them “unusual” in the sense that they’re unusual to come across in large numbers in their natural habitats…..

  5. This is why cats watch us all the time– because we’re hilarious.