Hey Apple*!

That Orange won’t be Annoying anybody any more.

“This is a photo of my adopted bunny Peanut after she ate a really, really juicy carrot. She’s the sweetest! I hope you share this photo with the people of the world, they deserve it.” -Amy M., Owner Spiral Diner.
*Not that Apple the other Apple.



  1. Thank you Amy! Yes, we do deserve this photo of this beautiful bun! Congratulations on being a proud bun mom!

  2. Stressfactor says:

    Orange and disapproving! It’s a bun-bun two-for-one! Also, Peanut looks like a real sweetie.

  3. How funny. Peanut is adorable! Are you sure she didn’t sneak a few Cheetos in with that carrot?

  4. carrot? what carrot? :: jaunty smirk :: My little Nutmeg bun will get the occasional “lipstick” look after a small slice of strawberry 🙂

  5. My niece calls Cheetos ‘Carrots’. Maybe Peanut is eating ‘carrots’ with her

  6. HEY ABBOT !!
    (I hate that guy …)

  7. Ha! Carrots…right….*stares at empty cheese doodle bag*

  8. whatthelump says:

    Hehe, Nutmeg and Peanut needs to get together with the parsley bunny from a few posts back! For that matter, I’d love to see a bunny-lips rainbow.

  9. Someone needs a wet nap stat.

  10. Miss Ruth says:

    Don’t tell Passionfruit!