Havin’ A Blast At Camp Fido

Watch these pupsters go snow-bonkers, post-Polar Vortex at Camp Fido, in Kalamazoo-zoo-zoo-zoo-zoo, Michigan. Who knew there was such a place? I want to go there now. (As a bonus, you also get to listen to this insanely catchy song from Moby, which I am going to purchase this very second.)

(As a bonus, here’s another video of a Jack Russell bouncing through the snow!)

First video is from TO; second from DP&F.



  1. yes Virginia .. there is a place called Kalamazoozoo
    (West of Hell, MI .. hehe .. yes it did freeze over)

  2. whawhawhatsis says:

    If there is a happier sight in this world than puppehs playing in the snow, I don’t know what it is!

  3. OH MY DAWG!!!!!!!!!!! AROOOOOOO. This is spectacular.

  4. Leave it to a terrier! This is terrier-i-fic!

  5. “snow-bonkers!” what a wonderful term!

  6. Janet in NYC says:

    Snow dolphins!

  7. Kalamazoo! Yes! Been a rough winter so far, here in lovely Michigan! 🙂 🙂

    Camp Fido looks like what heaven for dogs must look like!

  8. I never had a camp experience as a child. I would like to fix that now. To whom do I submit my application for intern or volunteer camp counselor?

  9. And the puppehs have their own warming hut! It’s like some ritzy ski resort in the Alps, or in this case, the Yelps.

  10. Or it might be Tailluride. Or Paw Valley.

  11. I think a better version of the song is an earlier (original?) version done by the Blind Boys of Alabama…here is one video of them: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOiquKuoDac . The song was also in the movie “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”. Check them both out!

  12. I had the greatest cat in history, Kazoo. He was from Kalamazoo originally but didn’t like to talk about his past lol.

  13. that was awesome! Dogs know how to party-I want to be a dog in my next life.

  14. Tracy Klinesteker says:

    Yes, there is a Kalamazoo. Moved there 3 years ago from L.A. Love it!

  15. brilliant!

  16. Terri P., your link is wonderful. Thanks so much for introducing me to these guys!

  17. sarareina84 says:

    Is there a “Sproing” tag? ‘Cause I definitely heard a sproing every time the Jack Russell…sproinged.

  18. Greetings from Kalamazoo! Be sure to drop by if you come visit Camp Fido.


  19. You’re new to The Blind Boys?? Do check out “O Brother . . . ” and also their turn on “The Wire” theme song, “Down in the Hole.”

  20. Was he named after the song, “Della and the Dealer” (and a dog named Jake and a cat named Kalamazoo) by Hoyt Axton? I always wanted to name a cat Kalamazoo–especially since it is my hometown–but I like to pick names that match the cat’s personality, and I’ve just never had one that seemed like a ‘Kalamazoo.’

  21. That was glorious, Juno! And their versions of Go Tell It On the Mountain and Born in Bethlehem with Mavis Staples?? Those two gave me chills! Where have I been???? They are wonderful.

  22. Snowy puppehs are so CUTE!!