The Three Little Pigs of Chiang Mai, Thailand

Oink if you love happy, fairy tale endings.

Mindy P., from Save Elephant Foundation, wrote to tell us, “Just before Christmas, a mother pig went into labor and sadly passed away with a number of stillborn piglets. The foundation I work with rescued the only survivors… three little pigs.”

(And they just happened to have little pink piggalette hoodies on hand?!)

“The road ahead for these little ones is a tough one, but we’re doing all that we can.

If fans want to follow along on their journey, we would love to see them as fans on Facebook. Thanks so much.” -Mindy.

Thailand trivia time: “Pig” in Thai is, “Moo”!




  1. That first picture should be in an illustrated dictionary next to “redundant”.

  2. Agreed. They put a pigskin, on a pigskin.

    So pink and pretty though.

  3. Re. Trivia: So if I’m in Thailand and I hear a cow, does that mean I should look out for the cops? 🙂

  4. Ha! Took me a second…!

  5. Dang it, why are little snorfers so cute? They’re unconventional: eyes aren’t big, no stubby nose, awkward ears… I swoon at the sight of them!

  6. Thank you to Save the Elephant for saving those adorable piglets. Hope they get stronger and stronger. I so love piglets and pigs.

  7. Is that like Mu (moo) Shu Pork?
    Sorry to bring carnivorousness into this but just wondering language-wise.

  8. Oink!

  9. The eyelashes!

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    This is so precious!! XOXO – Bacon

  11. Sweet little piglets!! We wish you all the best!
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue