A couple of years back, a Russian woman began taking photos of her sons with various animals.


Whether the animals are big or small..

You can tell that these little fellows have quite a bond with the critters.

Mail Online quotes Elena Shumilova, “Children and animals – they’re my life. As a mum of two sons we spend a lot of time on the farm, so I often shoot my boys with dogs, rabbits and ducks.”

“When shooting these pictures, I largely trust my intuition and inspiration when I compose photos of my children with animals.”

“I get inspired mainly by desire to express something I feel, though I usually cannot tell exactly what that is until I have taken the shot of them with the animals.”


Photos from Caters/Mail Online.



  1. She sure has a good eye!

  2. Those are all fabulous!

  3. Holy moley, those are museum worthy!! Are they in a book?
    (Since we might never get the CO coffeetable book… 😉 )

  4. The lighting and composition are just stunning. Is this lady a professional photog? If not, she should be!

  5. This is adorable.

  6. these photos brought tears to my eyes. they are beautiful!

  7. Magnificent. A true artist able to express and convey a feeling. Just lovely.

  8. Dog Lover says:

    The photos are lovely and I would hire her to photograph my baby girl (chihuahua) any time. But even more than that, she’s doing such a great thing by encouraging her kids to befriend and to cherish animals. I believe that builds character and a sense of responsibility in kids.

  9. 4leafclover says:

    Stunning photos!! Wow!

  10. Those sled and haystack photos don’t look real.

  11. Beautiful photos! Either that baby is really small, or we have Night of the Lepus about to break out in the 4th picture.

  12. Very “otherworldly” quality…

  13. Perhaps he’s a young Hobbit?

  14. The nose boop picture! The nose boop picture! So ded!

  15. Wow, amazing photos! Very talented indeed! Thank you for sharing.

  16. Those photos are truly *magical* 😀

  17. Stunning photos. Bringing back beautiful memories of how my two sons (now grown)were little boys, and of their own wonderment at nature. Thanks, CO.

  18. Or they’re Finnish giants?

  19. Clairdelune says:

    This lady may not realize it, but she is a true artist – a born photographer with the soul of a poet. Truly stunning. I hope some of her work finds its way in a museum or gallery, or at least goes viral on the Internet. There are people out there who yearn for and need to see these magical, ethereal images. I will save and treasure them. Thank you, Russian Mom.

  20. Indeed, Dog Lover 😀 I especially LOVE the one of the kitty watching the little child dancing in the grass and tullips 😀

  21. Emmberrann says:

    Le sigh… le book de table au cafe du NTMTOM eet eez le missing! Snf! I must myself wipe zee yeux.