Blaze, U Wanna Go In The Kennel?

Blaze states his reply in no uncertain terms.

From 22Words.



  1. dyingearth says:

    Perhaps if the kennel have treats he’d go.

  2. Hilarious!
    The hoomen laughter was pretty funny, too.

  3. Why can’t he stay on the mat in the warm?

  4. What part of “no” don’t those guys understand?

  5. Dog Lover says:

    He shouldn’t have to go in the kennel. Just leave him be.

  6. I have teenagers less articulate than that when they have to do something they don’t want to. Just as stubborn, though.

  7. I think I heard a nyerhe in there from Blaze.

  8. Ha! I’m reminded of Alaska the Siamese cat and her famous 9000 nyerhes when told it’s time to go in. (Sadly, I cannot seem to locate that video?)

  9. I think her mom asked that the video be removed. 😦

  10. “Stubborn husky” is redundant, as anyone who knows a husky will tell you. Beautiful, but obstinate.

  11. And more eyeliner…

  12. Hate to be a killjoy but the dog said no clearly. He looks really unhappy about it. Completely not cool, sorry.

  13. Did Blaze ever get to the kennel ??

  14. NoooOooo

  15. Well, I could post a vid of me trying to stuff my kittehs into their carriers for a vet trip, but it is too violent. Seriously, I put on gardening gloves and a thick coat for protection but loss of limbs (mine) still happens. 😀

    This vid of doggeh is hilarious. Doggeh obvy well cared for and loved. The NaOoo graphics crack me up too.

  16. If they can’t leave the house without the dog tearing it up, he’s got to go in his kennel. It’s called training.

  17. It’s so hard to get a cat in a crate! And that’s when I’m sure they’re part porcupine, trying to throw quills at me but since they don’t have any I just end up covered in fur.

  18. baileysgrandmom says:

    My BFF says he must be a 2-year-old: no, no, no, no, no

  19. unless he’s destructive. in which case he needs crating for his safety as much as the safety of the house.

  20. Or if they have to take him somewhere, like the vet, and don’t want him all over the inside of their vehicle. (Not only could he break something in the car, he could indirectly break the car by distracting the driver.)

  21. My cat goes in her carrier willingly. Then again, I have it set out all the time with the door open. She uses it as a den sometimes. The trouble comes after I lock her in. (Though she generally settles for pathetic mewling.)

  22. Mine actually hangs out in her crate sometimes too, but if she knows it’s because we’re going in the dreaded CAR, that’s when she gets all difficult. She absolutely loathes car rides and sounds so sad the whole time 😦

  23. Physics question .. Why is it when a puppeh like this says ‘no’, they lay down and gain 50 lbs so you can’t pick them up or move them. It happens to my Beagle all the time.

  24. When we moved two blocks away from our old house,it took 2 hrs to get to what should’ve been 5 minutes,because the cat yowled so loud,even a cop next to us in the lane pulled us over to see what is the noise.

  25. Mine, too, I have to wrap him in a towel first