A Little Daddy-Puppy Time

Hey! Kids! Wanna play? C’mon. Do ya? How about you? Wanna? Huh? Wanna? Wanna chase? Wanna wrestle? Wanna go get ice cream? Wanna? Huh? Wanna?

Via Dog Heirs and YouTube.



  1. omg, that is kill-me-ded cuteness level!

    Love the paper towels all over the floor. Another person (like moi) that should own stock in the paper companies…

  2. hmm .. I’m confused .. Who’s the ‘real’ kid in that video .. hehe
    I’m voting the big guy ..

  3. So Dad wants to be the fun parent while Mom is left to be the disciplinarian. So typical. 🙂

  4. I love when the pups get up enough courage to run at Dad then back off when he looks their way. Pups at play. It’s a 10 on my cute-o-meter!

  5. I wan-’em all!!

  6. Oh, the tiny yaps! Oh, the tiny bouncy-legged romping! Oh, the tiny brave one who looks just like Pop!

  7. Reminds me a little of the Cowardly Lion. “Put ’em up, put ’em up! Which one of you first? I’ll fight you both together if you want. I’ll fight you with one paw tied behind my back. . . .”

  8. Mom finally get them to quiet down and nap and then dad comes home and riles them up …. typical

  9. SlaveToCat says:

    He teaches “Defense of the Dark Cats” to all the young pups at school.

  10. They’re all so silly!

  11. That is ridicute.

  12. sabrina rose says:

    Please send the little white one with the black stubby tail to my house pronto! Or the chubbular brown one. They sure are cute puppies!!!

  13. Oh my gosh!! That is exACTly what I thought of while watching this! :mrgreen:

  14. Nooo, I need the brown one!

  15. Oooh they’re a little bigger here and are starting to take on dad, haha. It looks like a 3:1 ratio evens things out a bit. http://youtu.be/MomIi6lqAko
    Don’t miss the hoppeti-hopping at 3:11-3:16… (Omigerd)

  16. So silly! I couldn’t stop giggling!!

  17. I know! I love his little mini-me!

  18. What a good dad! Good boy! So sweet!

    I think the pups were surprised at first then joined in the fun a bit hesitantly. Lol

  19. I second and third that! Lol they are so adorabubble!

  20. Cute minds think alike.

  21. 6 Frenchie puppies? Isn’t that a really big litter? I thought they could only do MAYBE 3 max as the small size already necessitates a c-section for these dogs??

  22. Pure love and fun! 6x bundle of cuteness!!! LOL!!

  23. Indubitably! 🙂

  24. Was this filmed in smello-vision? Cos I swear I could smell the puppeh bref! Beyond cute!

  25. Totally. LOL