To Pop…Or NOT To Pop…

that was the question. So the BBC show QI gave the audience bubble wrap. And they were told to pop it depending on how cute the image on the screen was! Here we go:

“I think many of us are very guilty of this” says KT, who sent this to us via her BlackBerry 10 smartphone on the O2 network.

[Note: With this post, we are bringing out a new tag- British Humor Humour. It’s the right thing to do. -Ed]


  1. What is it with the Brits that they don’t like Gingers?? I love a cute Marmie!!

  2. Nah, that’s just middle of road standup comedians. The rest of us like gingers.

  3. Considering my mother was redheaded,as were all my aunts and some of my uncles,I find this type of “Joke” unfunny at best.
    Cute kittys,anyhow.

  4. Jimmy Carr has built his career on being shocking in big and small ways. he’ll have said that just for effect. There are lots and lots of ginger cats in England, although it’s true that red-heads do get bullied a bit more, which is absolutely unacceptable and shows up the intellectual and social poverty of the bully. I have auburn streaks put into my hair in winter to warm my colouring.

  5. There has been a long history against the Scottish, and they have a high percentage of redheads compared to the English. People in the middle-ages believed they are children of the devil, get mad easily, have magical powers… These days, it’s more of a joke of course. But many redheads still get bullied!

    Anyway, Cuteoverload is worth miles and miles of bubble wrap!

  6. QI and kittens! QI and kittens! My life is now complete.

  7. My thoughts exactly :D

  8. It also shows that “I shall leeck you,” is very cute:)

  9. *Popping my imaginary bubble wrap*

  10. The Original Jane says:

    Love this program…er…programme.

    btw, cheers to you Britain for BBC telly programmes in general!

  11. The Original Jane says:

    Oh, and they really, really should have gotten better photos (from CO) that would have made every person there pop every pop they had!

  12. True, dat!

  13. I suffer from severe cute aggression every time I visit CO. Now I have a ‘work-through’. Phew!

  14. Nice to know “grabby hands” has been scientifically verified! Also, I can’t get my hands on actual bubble wrap but this worked well:

  15. I love the Manic Mode! ;) Thanks for sharing.
    BTW–who comes up with stuff like virtual bubble wrap??? :P

  16. geniuses, that’s who :)

  17. :)

  18. Martha in Washington says:

    EVIL geniuses! I’ll never get a smidgen of homework done on my computer ever again!

  19. petless in Puddletown says:

    Stephen Fry was enough for me, all by himself.

  20. Love Stephen Fry! Love me some BBC America programming, also!

  21. Mary (the first) says:

    My thoughts, exactly! They “had me” at Stephen Fry!

  22. AWW :D I so love the kitty pictures :D

  23. maybe we need a new rule.

    if it makes you hug your monitor so hard it cracks, it’s cute.

  24. My laptop screen has little fingertip fingerprints all over it from all the virtual boops I dole out on this site. Sometimes it just doesn’t even matter if it’s just a picture!

  25. I’m a screen ‘booper’ too!

  26. In other news, several bubble wrap factory have recently started to enforce a strict “No Cute Overload” policy with measures such as blocking the CO website on their company internet firewall, after a much higher than average rate of defective product return from their customers were reported in the past fiscal period.

  27. :)

  28. Does popping or exploding in my brain count too?

  29. Martha in Washington says:

    Yep, when I saw Stephen Fry I said to myself, “This should be good!”

  30. Thank you, Ed, for the “British Humour” tag.

    And thanks, especially, for spelling it correctly. ;)

  31. Laura DragonWench says:

    I love Sue’s shirt–I want one! As many others have said, as soon as I saw this was a clip of Q.I., I knew it would be good. I started popping my imaginary piece of bubble wrap at the first picture!


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