Let’s Go Dogsledding, Everybody!

Not that Iditarod stuff, though. So what if the hoomin wipes out? Just keep going! IN A JAUNTY RED COAT, TOO!

A video posted by Cute Win Fail, spotted on Dogheirs.com by Susan M.



  1. Dogs rule. You drool.

  2. My sled, mine!

  3. That’s hilarious!!!

  4. GET OFF MY SLED !! MINE MINE !! (poor humie..LOL!!)

  5. buy that dog a skateboard!

  6. Rescue Gal says:

    That is NOT a stupid dog, that is a very, VERY smart dog.

  7. Cute dog, not so cute human commentary. “Stupid dog” and “I hate that dog” are not cute in my book, and the first is not at all accurate when the dog is the only one who figured out how to ride the toboggan!

  8. snicker…