A New Year, But The Same Results:

…The Big J is still wiping the floor with us when it comes to The QTE.


Remember this post? Cuteporter Megumi does, and boy did we get a load of stuff in an email. Videos, wallpapers, screensavers, book links, you name it. So we were wondering what they were selling in that previous post. Turns out to be a travel agency. Let’s let Megumi take over:

“This is a 5-part commercial series that feature the master Nyalan and a new apprentice kitty, who’s taking his first train trip to the ocean and learning the ins and outs of travel.”

“Nyalan receiving 5-star treatment at a hotel:”

“Nyalan and Jr. with a new Pomeranian (?) friend:”

“A travel commercial:”

“And we also have desktop wallpapers, screensavers, a photo gallery, and books! Sorry for sounding like a company rep, I’m totally not affiliated with them! I just fell in love with the mascot and wallpapers =P. Anyway, please use any of these links if they’re worthy. Too bad my first submeesh isn’t of my own kitties! A forever CO-fan, Megumi.”



  1. Janet in NYC says:

    the first 5 videos may the cutest I have ever seen. Missed them the first time around so thanks for re-posting. Adorable

  2. So cut that I am absolutely speechless. My cat is making write that ! But I agree!

  3. The trouble of letting my at write is that she forgets to type properly ! She meant to say “CUTE”.

  4. *grinning from ear to ear over heah*

  5. Kitten with a suitcase hooked to it’s collar?? And…i’m dead. I’ll have to wait on the other videos….cuz i’m too dead right now. We need kitten breaks at work.

  6. The tiny suitcases are killing me!!!

  7. minimoppel says:

    And she eats letters… 🙂

  8. Judith Baum says:

    So absolutely cute! Easy to see what’s going on even if you can’t read Japanese. So clever!

  9. The Original Jane says:

    OMG! – In video #6 he’s getting an in room paw massage!??!!!!! And that bed looks like heaven.

    Thunk, I’m ded.

  10. The Original Jane says:

    Anyone else find it amusing that the Japanese are using “Turkey in the Straw” for their music?

  11. Who can’t relate to the little kid playin’ up in the single bed in the mornin’, while mum or dad try to have a sleep in? So cute!
    How do they get them to behave so well? Espesh the young gentleman (lady?) Cutest thing I’ve seen in a while. Has brought on my cute aggression.

  12. GIGGLE 😆 AWW 😆 How cute 😆

  13. Devastingly cute. Beyond words. 🙂

  14. phred's mom says:

    bring on the bubble wrap, stat,
    actual or virtual!

  15. Aaargh, toe bean massage, soooooo cute!

  16. whawhawhatsis says:

    Oh my, the kitties in their wee yukatas in the third video just slay me!!

  17. Learned a new word! And that’s the first time I’ve seen someone drink milk with sushi. (Notice the wine glass with meelks.) 😀

  18. Heyyyy! We had cute in travel cats….anyone else remember “Chessie” from the Chesapeake and Ohio RR lines?

  19. Tony James says:

    OK, i don’t know what they’re advertising, but I want to buy some. Whatever it is. Hell, I’ll buy a box of it. Or maybe a bag. Possible a kilogram, I don’t care. Just show me where I can buy it. QUICKLEES!

  20. Yes!

  21. I remember–have a pillow and Christmas ornaments of Chessie from when I was a kid. 🙂

  22. I clearly need to get the Japanese cable channel, just for the commercials!

  23. yes, that’s it! although not as animated, Chessie was adorabuhls

  24. Really in need of a translation here please, anyone?

  25. That is the funniest thing

  26. Just in case anyone was wondering: the small mark on the corner of the kitten’s suitcase (the downward-pointing green triangles) is an icon the Japanese use to denote ‘in training.’ They put it in the windows of cars for new drivers.

    Kitten is a commuter-in-training!

  27. According to the text on the video, and how the kitten refers to the adult cat, the kitten is actually the disciple and the adult cat the master.

    I love the video where the little one sniffs and smooches the adult kitty! Too cute. I wonder who was actually paying for service in that hotel room – the cat, or the lady massaging the toebeans. I would love to relax on a cushy bed with a kitty and play with his toebeans on my vacation *sigh*

  28. Seriously, when I travel there, a good part of my entertainment is actually Japanese tv in the hotel room, not for the programming but for the commercials.

  29. Aaargh, toe bean sushi!


  30. My favorite too. And Western style bedding!

  31. With my extremely limited Japanese, in the 2nd video, it seems that the kitten is saying that the ocean is fun and then he comments on the fish and asks his master (trainer) if they can eat.

    I just love the little kitten and the way he talks.

  32. Those kitties look very similar – are they related?

  33. I envy you.

  34. Totally Jersey says:

    That settles it. I am moving to Japan. Like, now.

  35. Mah head sploded…in a good sense!

  36. Wow and thank you, CO works fast! I totally missed this post. I don’t think anyone’s looking this far back but here’s a rough translation for anyone who’s still wondering. Throughout the video, both cats use “nya” within their sentences, which is the Japanese version of “meow”.

    1) “Apprentice’s first trip, part 1”
    It’s the start, the start of my first trip with Master.
    It’s not like I’m nervous or anything.
    “Waiting is a part of travel”, Master told me… I see.
    What a learning experience.
    It’s departure time!

    2) “Apprentice’s first trip, part 2”
    Does everyone know about this? This is the ocean.
    “We’re going to enjoy the smell of the sea air,” Master said.
    But I’m noticing other good fragrances…
    Wow! M-master, I’d like to try some…
    Wooow! There we go…
    Master, this smell….
    Hey, aren’t you eating before me?

    3) “Apprentice’s first trip, part 3”
    The inn’s dinner is extravagant!
    The main dish is pressed salmon sushi, paw pad style.
    The chef really flexed his muscles.
    What a wonderful aroma.
    The Master told me, “Travel is food. Food is travel!”
    Let’s eat!

    4) “Apprentice’s first trip, part 4”
    “An inn’s an inn only when you’ve enjoyed everything it has to offer”, Master said.
    Tama-nya~! (People call out “tamaya” when fireworks go up)
    From the room’s open air bath, nyaaa-nya-nyaaa!

    5) “Apprentice’s first trip, part 5”
    Master told me, “Sleeping is also travel.”
    [sees Master sleeping] Just what you’d expect from Master.
    I can’t sleep…
    He’s a pro!
    I can’t sleep… I can’t sleep!
    Please let me fall asleep.

  37. Video 6:
    “Nyalan’s Mini-Resort”
    I am Nyalan.
    A hotel is the city’s oasis!
    It’s a must to reward yourself.
    This must be indeed… Chat La Porte. (Not sure about this bit, I think it’s wordplay referring to a hotel called La Porte.)

    Last two vids are using a pun on “mata tabi” (another trip) and “matatabi” (silver vine, like catnip)
    Another trip, another trip, let’s go traveling again.
    If you get time off, let’s go traveling again.
    Another trip, another trip…
    If you run out energy, let’s go on another trip!