What Do You Mean, “Wrong Pet”?

I’m your pet, aren’t I? And it says “Pet” right here on the bag, doesn’t it?

So what’s the problem here?

Evan W. writes: “I’ve been following you a few years, but I’ve never noticed you promoting environmental causes! I thought this might be a nice reminder for everyone to recycle, particularly their pets, which I hear are causing a terrible mess in the Pacific Ocean’s great garbage patch. Ninja agrees!”



  1. Wait, our PETS are causing a terrible mess? Not likely. I think it’s hoomins.

  2. Or, we are to recycle our pets? I’m so confused.

  3. Nope, we are to recycle as much as possible. Whether our pets want to recycle themselves is another thing altogether. Ninja probably doesn’t want to go any further than the bag, I’ll bet.

  4. awwww, I want to squish him he’s so cute.
    I’ve just dedicated a blog post to my cat ….www.glitterandfizz.wordpress.com – she really is a glamour cat

  5. Geez, my recycle bin is filled with Snapple Diet Peach Tea empties…no awesome kittehs. 😦

    BTW, do kitteh food tins get recycled? The interwebs say no but I am still not sure. Hate to just toss those empties…..

  6. Stressfactor says:

    I have a recycled pet. I have a used dog. No, seriously. She was originally a shelter dog — rescued from a puppy mill — and my sister and her family adopted her from the shelter then, seven years later, their lives got too busy to handle the dog so they asked me to take her. I’m not sure but that may even count as being ‘recycled’ twice.

    No worries though since my ‘used’ dog will go nowhere else from now on. She’s MINE now forever and ever Amen.

  7. If they are aluminum (most are) they should be recyclable. While what your local recycler takes varies widely from place to place, pretty much everybody takes aluminum. It’s infinitely recyclable! You might as well throw any metal can into the recycling bin, because it will get sorted appropriately at the materials recovery facility. Plastics are much more difficult.

    I think the environmental movement needs more spokescats! Well done, Evan W.

  8. And just to provide a little support for my statement up there, lest you think I’m leading you astray: https://livegreen.recyclebank.com/q-a-a-recycling-pet-products

  9. Coffee Cup says:

    A follow up to this question…is it more environmentally friendly to buy the large tins rather than the small, individually sized tins? I would think so, but I had a brain fizzle thinking about measuring out cat food every day rather than just cracking open a new tin.

  10. Right on, Evan!!

  11. Smartypants says:

    “Ninja” = perfect name for black kitteh!

  12. Indeed 😀 I so want to cuddle dear sweet Ninja, Evan W. 😀

  13. Of course we should recycle our pets, if we can’t keep them, instead of just throwing them away.

  14. Used dogs can be the best kinds. They develop a patina. 🙂