The Kingsley POV

(Sounds like a PBS show, right?)

Anyway- some folks are NOT happy about all the snow. There are those who are! Like Trousers and these guyz.

And then there’s Kingsley, who REALLY AND TRULY loves snow.

We Dug it.



  1. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Zoooooooom. Feels like he’s going really, really fast.

  2. Looks like much fun was being had but the camera work on this one made me a leetle see-sick.

  3. Poochcam ? hehe

  4. Doggie was having a great time. Camera jolts gave me a headache. (sorry)

  5. This made me deliriously happy!

  6. Powchecam!

  7. I noticed that the first place he headed for was the tree.

  8. Thedollysmama says:

    That was really well done! With a high energy dog you have to get them a way to exercise, snow or not, to keep them from eating the couch. Fun video, thanks for sharing!

  9. Yes! Doggie is so happy to be playing in the snow!

  10. It never occurred to them to get a non-white frisbee? That thing goes ina show drift and we won’t see him until the spring thaw.