Meownan the Barbarian

Dismounting his faithful steed Floovis, Meownan descended into the dank, festering depths of Urph’Hurrgth — the Cave of Disgustingness. At last, he reached the sacrificial altar of the Dark Gods.

Something bad happened here, he thought in the hovertext. The bones of what appeared to be street mimes lay strewn across the great stone floor, and scrawled in maple syrup upon the great marble altar was the single word: Zamboni.

Suddenly, the great iron grate clanged shut, and Meownan faced the high priest Burp’Targhth, flanked by his acolytes, the Electrolytes. “At last, we finally meet again, barbarian” he sneered.

From our “Etsy is stranger than fiction” desk comes this one-of-a-kind $500 cat armor, which can give your cat both the means and the reason to kill you.

Helmet tip to Bored Panda. Now, where have I seen this before? (strokes chin thoughtfully)

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actiekatten by filiafloep



  1. I’m not a fan of clothing on animals (except for protection from the elements), but my, this is amazing is concept and execution. And you just know this is how all cats see themselves, anyway.

  2. This cat is clearly a professional model, he has nailed the “self pondering”, and he does the “looking afar” from both sitting and standing positions.

    The construction of the leather suit is amazing too. I just can’t resist dressed up cats, a guilty pleasure…

  3. Wow, that is beautifully made, and the cat is gorgeous! I’m with annette on clothes on animals, but I find this extremely entertaining, especially with the bones strewn about.

  4. emmberrann says:

    What a patient kitteh! The late Mr. Picky would have laid on his side, and given me Big Stink Eye and done his best Pet Rock imitation. He would not stand or sit or abide clothing/collars, and might employ his pointy bits to emphasize his POV.

  5. Andi in NC says:

    “the means and the reason to kill you” NTMTOM you slay me…..

  6. Starring Arnold Schwarzetigger! 8-D

  7. Does it come with some kind of Cat Sedater (TM) so you can get the cat into the armor? Or perhaps chain mail gloves to protect you as you are stuffing the cat into his own set.

  8. SCA member?

  9. Don’t you mean Conan the Furbarion ?

  10. SlaveToCat says:

    Oooh this site is getting a little risqué with its Leather Tabbies.
    On second thought tie me up, I will be your Slave, if you will be my Tabbie.

  11. Alice Shortcake says:

    If you listen very carefully you can hear the lamentations of mice.

  12. I am wonderg just where one would get this outfit for their kitty or is this a custom made one 😀

  13. Linda Love says:

    What kind of cat? Looks like exotic breed mix with Tabby. Not a Savannah, not an Ocicat??

  14. The best thing in life™.

  15. Flufferbutt says:

    According to the Etsy page, she’s a female Savannah and her name is Selani. And like others on here, I’m also not a fan of dressing up animals, but this almost makes me change my mind.

  16. Is this his nemesis?

  17. As if he didn’t already have both.

  18. I’m sensing a theme here.

  19. Get in the cage!

  20. 😆

  21. I had a GP once who used to terrorize the cats.

  22. We have a Cave of Disgustingness at work. The Others call it a breakroom.