Maymo Presents: The Indoor Crazies

Is your pet cooped up inside due to the cold winter weather? Gettin’ a little wound up at times? Maymo knows what you’re talking about.



  1. I’m more of a Maru kind of gal, but this is seriously cute.

    Who’s a silly boy? Maymo is!

  2. Oh, Maymo, I know how you feel. I too am getting cabin fever and it is still only early Winter! My kittehs, however, continue their napping routine regardless of the weather. 😀

  3. Bettymouse says:

    Maymo needs some sneakers to help with traction on slippy floors!
    What a cutie!

  4. I love chasing a dog around like that.

  5. Dog Lover says:

    Dogs bring a sense of joyful play to all they do. Good lord, I just love them so much.

  6. Reminds me of me when I was a kid–I thought that houses where you could go around in a circle were just the coolest things EVER. And you should have seen my Maggie cat when she discovered that the big old Victorian we’d just moved into had TWO staircases, so she could tear up one and down the other . . . .

  7. Maymo is such a nut! I love that dog.

    One of our cats does this, too, and it always makes me laugh.

  8. It warms my heart when I see people playing and having fun with their pets. All pets should have parents like that.

  9. can do that in my parents’ house. The kitchen has two entrances so you can make a circle through the living room. There was a lot of circular running when we were little 🙂

  10. Emmberrann says:

    *in singsong* Maymo is a silly! Maymo is a silly!

  11. Laura DragonWench says:

    Me, too! When I saw what was going on, especially the peeking around the corner bit, I said, “Hey, I know that game!” Though it’s been a while for me; I love my cat, Ramses, but I do miss having a dog around, especially a silly one like Maymo. 🙂