“Honey, Where’d My McNuggets® Go?” (Updated!)

“Oh, I warmed them up in the toaster oven- aren’t they right there?”

Aha!, thinks Lucy.

As seen on VVV.com. McNuggets® is a registered trademark of McDonalds Corp.

Maybe Lucy watched this clip for inspiration? Thanx to Susan M.



  1. The only place where food is safe from a beagle is IN a safe. And sometimes not even then.

  2. Indeed, MA. And that is why beagles tend to be on the round side.

  3. What an enterprising dog. And despite the video title, *someone* is home because I heard a voice for a second.

  4. Wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. Love how he pushed the chair closer to the counter so he could jump up. This is so beyond Beagle 101!

  5. at least he was getting some exercise, with all the jumping up and down, but then he got tired of that and brought the whole tray down – clever puppeh!

  6. What is it with lemon Beagles!? This is an accomplishment worthy of Maymo and Penny.

  7. Or maybe in another beagle.

  8. wordphreak says:

    Dog hair in your food much?

  9. Martha in Washington says:

    When your dog is smarter than you are…

  10. Bettymouse says:

    There is no limit to the cleverness of a beagle in search of food. A beagle could crack the secret of cold fusion if it meant he got a hot dog.

  11. Mingles' Mommy says:

    WOW. That’s amazing. That dog is WAY smarter than my cats. And some people I know.

  12. And when beagles think “food”, they think “anything I can fit in my mouth, and a few things I can’t”.

  13. Alice Shortcake says:

    Don’t EVER leave that dog alone with your credit card!

  14. This is exactly why my pugs are crated when I’m not at home. They have figured out how to get on the counter and push the lid off of a crock pot. When I was home. Thank goodness they aren’t strong enough to get the refrigerator open.

  15. Dog Lover says:

    Moving the chair over was genius! I know people who would never have thought of that. 🙂

  16. Never bet against a beagle when it comes to food, you will lose every time!

  17. dolphin815 says:

    That’s exactly what they want you to think.

  18. We had a pug like that. Once, during a party, a guest said to me, “That little black dog is on the kitchen counter eating all the cheese cubes. Is that okay?” Noooooooo!

  19. That’s pretty much what I thought, too. There chair pushing was really unexpected.

  20. I love these! Such smart pups! I have two Newfoundlands, however. They can reach the countertop (even far back) and tables without having to do anything, including being ingenious. I keep their treats and food in a top cupboard with no counter underneath where even I, at six feet tall, have to stand on my tippy toes. It’s the only way!

  21. Mary (the first) says:

    Until they figure out the “pull out drawers and jump on them” trick from video # 2!