Noro The Chi Wah Wah

Now, wouldn’t Noro make a terrific bobblehead for the dash of your car? Just sayin’. (And we won’t even mention that LEETLE TAILIO that just sorta takes a lower-left turn there. Wait, we just did mention it.)

Via Puppies Nation Staticgram.



  1. SnackyDog.

  2. This pic popped up when I opened the page and I said, quite involuntarily, “Oh my word”. I’m not mad for apple heads but gahhhhhhhh. He’ll grow up to be a destroyer of worlds, just like his kin. 😀

  3. oh little pupster, in the big collar…at least it has diamonds, and a hershey kiss?

  4. phred's mom says:

    Strong little Noro, who can manage
    that humongous collar and paraphernalia!
    This explains his determined expresh.

  5. I vote this guy to be the new Taco Bell puppeh .. and yes ..
    He’s gonna need a bigger box for sure !!

  6. If he isn’t careful, the collar and tags are gonna tip him over his front legs

  7. Hahaha @ Barney Fife! Is that little doggy standing on a tupperware lid?

  8. emmberrann says:

    How old is dis teeny puppehbebeh? Incredible cute BEF! I can hsz?

  9. Dog Lover says:

    Color me ded.

  10. That collar and accessories looks heavier than he does!