Caturday: Hugs Я Us

If you’re in need of a hug, you’ve come to the right place! Hugs Я Us is open 24 hours a day. U need a hug? We’ve got ya covered. In cat fur. Hairballs extra.

Submitted by Cuteporter Annie M. And yes, it was hard to reverse that R.


  1. Reblogged this on Forget the Viagra, Pass Me a Carrot and commented:
    We are petless at the moment so I have to pop over to Cute Overload at least a couple of times a week for a fix – call me an old softy…. grrrr.

  2. I am SO very envious of that man. He’s got a gorgeous, purring, sweetheart of a marmie in his arms, and I don’t. Totally sulking right now.

    And I’m also very impressed that Brinke reversed the R!

  3. I think there is a reversed-R-like letter in Russian alphabet. Which kind of tunes in with this post :) And I am just as envious and you are, Shari. That is one lucky guy!

  4. Once A Fish says:

    There is– it’s pronounced “ya”…. so when I read the title, I immediately thought… “hugs ya us?” and I thought it was some sort of pun. I mean, it IS a pun, just not a Russian one…

  5. Once A Fish says:

    And “ya” can mean “I” or “I am”, so “Cats I am us?”… yeah, I think I need to go back to bed.

  6. Men of the Cute Calendar Candidate Alert!

  7. mauderules says:

    Yep! With all the candidates out there, it might end up being a perpetual calendar.

  8. Definitely a 365 page calendar at this point!

  9. my callee hugs, too. it’s so sweet!!!!!!

  10. Janet in NYC says:

    Awww. So sweet!

  11. He lurves his daddy!

  12. Best. Caturday. Evar.

  13. buffy summers says:

    Anyone that says cats don’t show love only needs to watch this clip and surrender.

  14. kibblenibble says:

    *crosses fingers, hoping someone can translate*

  15. I SOOO need this right now! Bad day, need kitteh hugs. *jumps into video and detaches kitteh from nice man*

  16. You too? I’m home with a wretched cold and my bunny is only alarmed by the barking noises I am making

  17. Smartypants says:

    He seems very nice, I’m sure he would let you borrow kitteh for some hugs. Hope your day improves!

  18. Thanks, you guys! :-)
    Found out Thursday that my precious bun Oscar has a thyoma (sp?) and he has around 2 months to live, the vet said. I love all my buns, but Oscar is my special baby, and he’s only 7 yrs. old, and I’m having difficulty dealing with it. So I appreciate the kind thoughts.

  19. I’m sorry. Wishing the best for you and Oscar.

  20. :-)

  21. AWW :cry: I am so sorry to hear about your dear sweet bunny, Oscar, 6rabbits :cry: (BIG CYBER HUG)

  22. Thank you, everyone, it means a lot. <3 <3
    It always makes feel better to visit here. Oscar sends nose bumps to you all!

  23. I’m so sorry for you ahd Oscar. Special thoughts for you both.

  24. :-)

  25. kibblenibble says:


  26. :-)

  27. mauderules says:

    Feel better soon!!!

  28. Coming to co daily but this is seriously the cutest I have seen in quite a while…

  29. kittykat416 says:

    When I try to hug my cats, it is referred to as “forced cuddling” (quite similar to the Engineer’s Guide to Cats “corporal cuddling”)…

  30. Alice Shortcake says:

    I wish my cat were more like the one in the video. She has Pronounced Views about cuddling.

  31. Makes me miss “My Budders” so much – he was just this sweet…

  32. Clairdelune says:

    I used to have a loving, cuddly tabby like that — she is gone now, and this reminded me of just how much I miss her. :-(

  33. whatthelump says:

    Hugs to you both, Fran and Clairdelune! Let’s hope they’re having fun with the cardboard boxes in the sky.

  34. AWW :( BIG CYBER HUGS to you both, Fran and Clairdelune :(

  35. Mary (the first) says:

    I used to have a cat that would force his nose into my neck like that and purr, although he didn’t do the death-grip hug with the other paw. So sweet..

  36. Too adorable! !!

  37. Unless kitty is sucking on his shirt, he’s going to have one major hickey!

  38. What a lovely clip. So sweet.

  39. What a blissed out face on that marmee, so sweeet!

  40. Dog Lover says:

    That is just heart achingly sweet.

  41. SoccerSue says:

    My orange tabby (who looks remarkably similar to this one) did that to me one time at the vet’s. It wasn’t out of love so much as being freaked out, though, as evidenced by his abrupt transformation into the psycho jungle cat from hades following his vaccination. :-P

  42. Anyone else surprised how perfectly the kitteh found the axis of snorgling?

  43. I don´t have any words. Don´t have any words about this. *sighs happily* :)

    P.S.: Kudos on reversing the Я. And yes, I just copied and pasted, it, neheheh.

  44. I think one of the best parts is that it is quite obviously one of those “stop everything, I need some loving” moment. Who doesn’t need a hug at some random moment, and how often do we have to go without? Not this kitty! *purr purr purr* indeed!

    (My kitty doesn’t seem to yet understand cuddles, but she’s young, and usually has Important Cat Business going on.)

  45. Hmm I wonder if it’s possible to teach my cat a new trick… or any trick, for that matter, but this would be the best one!

  46. Is that guy wearing catnip cologne? Sheesh!

    I jealous – my cat just climbs over my shoulder and we do this weird balancing act that winds up with me bending over while he views the apartment from my back.

  47. :lol: I would not mind seeing a picture of THAT, D :lol:

  48. This is really sweet, but doesn’t anyone realize the kitty is trying to suckle on his human’s neck? I had a cat that used to do the same thing. Drool would run into my shirt collar. However, it looks like a hug & feels like a hug, so we can still call it a hug ;-)

  49. AWW :D How sweet :D The marmie kitty is showing just how much he/she loves his/her human :D


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