THIS JUST IN: Fireman Rescues Husky In Boston

The NY Daily News says Sylvie the Husky took his hoomin out for a morning walk on Thursday, but took off and ended up going into the icy waters of Castle Island in South Boston. Firefighter Sean Coyle slid out onto the ice and grabbed Sylvie, who had been in the chilly drink for 30 minutes. Get warm, Sylvie!

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Photos by Mark Garfinkel/Boston Herald.



  1. This is too precious! Thank God everyone is safe and warm!

  2. Oh Boy! My heart can’t take these stories. I’m so glad Sylvie is safe and warm again.

  3. I cried. Like a little baby.

  4. Loved your comments on the pics. So cute! ❤

  5. aliveatnight says:

    So glad to he’s doing well. Hope he learned to avoid the water!

  6. This is what firemen do. They save lives. They will always be my heroes.

  7. Yay for that firefighter and yay for a happy ending!

  8. mauderules says:

    Yet another candidate for the keenly anticipated Men of Cute Overload calendar. Best wishes to husky and many thanks to hoomin.

  9. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    I don’t mean to harsh anyone’s mellow with my comment. I’m always grateful that firefighters rescue animals, especially when they fall in the water in winter and can’t get out. The cold is life-threatening. What I want to stress is keeping your dog on a leash so he/she doesn’t run off onto the ice and then fall in. I believe that’s the backstory here. Dogs can’t make the distinction between terra firma and ice, especially when it’s melting. Be safe out there!

  10. Amen to that, Dog Lover.

    An awesome firefighter protecting us all, hoomins and anipals alike. ❤

  11. Dog Lover says:

    I hear ya. It’s up to us hoomins to keep our dogs safe but man, it sure is good to have firemins as backup when we slack off. 🙂

  12. People can be wonderful.

  13. I second that, mauderules 😀 I am glad that Sylvie is ok 😀

  14. So glad everyone is safe.

  15. Well, accidents can happen. My own Rattie with some fear/aggression issues once managed to bite her harness clip just right/wrong and freed herself to run and try to attack a Chow mix dog! I had to go out and try to find a leash with a clip she wouldn’t be able to undo afterwards. And sometimes a strong dog can suddenly rip a leash out of an owner’s hand or even snap a leash or a clip. In short — while it IS important to keep a dog on a leash they can and do sometimes fail despite our best efforts.

  16. Smartypants says:

    Thank you Sean Coyle! (Officer Coyle? What’s the proper term of address for a firefighter?) Anyway, thank you – rescue hoomins rule!

  17. My thought exactly – another page for the Men of Cute Overload calendar (how many do we already have?)!

  18. Absolutely Man of CO!!!

  19. Drives me crazy.

    I have a neighbor, big muscleman kind of guy, but won’t put his little chihauhaus on leases even though I’ve told him repeatedly that we have coyotes and eagles in the developemnt. Think’s he’s big enough to intimidate the predators and fast enough to catch them. Idiot.

    Also won’t put sweaters on them in the cold. It’s 5 F sir, they’re not even long-haired chihuahuas!!!

    [steps off soapbox]

  20. firefighters don’t discriminate, human or canine, feline or equine, they are hero, to all Gods creatures alike!

  21. My heart stopped when I saw this! Sylvie looks just like my 15 year old Husky Savannah!

  22. God bless that fireman!