That’s One Small Step For A Polar Bear Cub…

To put a positive spin on that pesky Polar Vortex thing that’s been hasslin’ a good part of the US, (gasp, I sound like Sarah Palin, sorry) we bring you this Polar Bear Dude that’s just now taking his first steps after a November birth. (Make sure your speaks are up for the Polar Bear Squonking* Noises.)

This one’s for you, Knut buddy.

(*A squonk is kinda like a honk, but not exactly. Is that a word? Don’t think so! New term!!)



  1. Oh no, he’s already got his cute repertoire down. Two ‘ehn’s, wobbly legs and tongue peek. Polar bear attacks are lethal; I is ded.

  2. Mary (the first) says:

    What Jill said, and then there’s the wavy paw and the chubby tummy ..

  3. The Original Jane says:

    Don’t worry lil’ buddy, soon you’ll be a ferocious killer at the top of the food chain! oh wait, you’re already slaying us.

  4. I had to turn my speakers DOWN.

    This may be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

  5. Martha in Washington says:

    Do polar bear cubs’ breath smell like puppeh breath?
    “Come here Sweetums, so I can smell.”

  6. Very cute – too bad you ruined it by bringing slam-politics into it…

  7. Alice Shortcake says:

    Yes, because making a humorous comment about Sarah Palin is ‘slam-politics’…

  8. well, ya got that humor thing there, and ya know it’s gonna be a taken one way or anuther, jus’ roll with ‘er I always say.

  9. Squonk is definitely the most appropriate word for that. I’ll write to Webster’s– if they’re willing to change the definition of “literally” to actually mean “not literally”, then I think we’ve got a shot!

  10. Oooooo…I did not know that Webster’s did that! Just had to go look it up! Gee, let’s change our definitions based on how the uninformed misuse a word!! *steam pouring from ears* Now I need to go immerse myself in fluffy cuteness so I can pretend this isn’t true *gathering up armful of kittehs, bun-buns, puppehs, otterezes, hammies…*

  11. Hmm, squonking sounds like the noise a distressed chicken makes. (o_O)

    Nevertheless, the cute on that little guy is too much.

  12. So cute, I think I cried.

  13. Haha it is so crazy that they did that just because people can’t use the word correctly! Or so what if they don’t use it right, doesn’t mean we should change what it actually (or literally, haha) means! I feel like that happened a long time ago with fish– that they made the plural of fish “fishes” because everyone just said it anyway, but was supposed to just be “fish”. Like how “deer” is both singular and plural for “deer”. But I could be wrong about that fishes one so don’t quote me yet…

  14. Canadian Polar Bears representing!! This little wonderful ball of white fur was born at the Toronto Zoo! His Mama isn’t very maternal and the Zoo staff are raising him. His older brother now lives in Winnipeg. 🙂

  15. squonk invented by Genesis.

  16. People (and esp. kids) get confused with this because “fishes” is the verb form–“He fishes at the lake.” But the plural of fish is “fish”. 🙂
    (I just checked, and SOME sources say it is okay to use “fishes” as a plural when referring to many different kinds of fish–“Tripe, flounder and perch are 3 kinds of fishes”–but I think that makes it even more confusing.)

  17. That’s what happens when you’re raised with Canada Geese. 🙂

  18. tibbymstie says:

    So cute! But where’s his Momma? If he doesn’t get to cuddle with her soon, I’m gonna’ have to go down there and cuddle him myself! ; )