Ferret Fotobomb

I think my brother Teddy might be a spy. But it’s probably just my imagination.

“This is Toby (in front) and Teddy (in back). Was supposed to be a photo of Toby but Teddy photobombed it! Still cute though!!” -Kate S.



  1. Most def-in-ite-ly still a cite photo! Toby looks quite calm compared to his brother! 🙂
    *smoooch* on the leetle peenk nose!

  2. Eh…HEM…that should be “cUte”… *eye roll, head shake*

  3. Booop

  4. Smartypants says:

    Toby looks rather solemn…Teddy sez “wait til I jump on him…that’ll cheer him up!”

  5. What a moue of disgust!!!