How Cold Is It? Part II

It’s so cold, the artists formerly known as Snowy Owls have confirmed they now want to be known as I Wanna Go To Miami Owls.

An invasion of Snowy Owls, the magically beautiful bird of the Arctic (and Harry Potter), has been reported this winter across the Midwest, Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states. One has made it all the way to Little Talbot Island, near Jax, Florida! That is a real Snow Bird invasion.

One of over 40 Snowy Owls sighted in Pennsylvania. By Dave Inman’s Photo Stream.



  1. “When the white owls come to the plains to dance,it will get very cold. It is time for us to move” From some book I read

  2. The snowbird jokes are going off the chart.

  3. Former Alaskan in the house…I just want to point out that the polar vortex is nothing new. However, the warmer Arctic ocean and the weakened jet stream have pushed it farther south. Caribou, arctic foxes and many other animals and birds are changing their behaviors and migration patterns due to global warming.

  4. We had -12 degrees F Tuesday morning here in lovely mid-Michigan. Definitely NOT normal! While we are a hardy people here, that was seriously extreme.