I Am… Viscacha!

On the plains and mountains of Peru, there you will find Viscacha. My cousin is the Chinchilla, but he has the ears that are stumpy, not tall and proud like Viscacha. But neither is Viscacha the bunny rabbit, for their tails are like, how you say, the puff powder, not long and curly like Viscacha.

When Viscacha is threatened, I emit a fearsome roar!

There are some who say that to sniff the fur of Viscacha produces the visions of beauty in the mind. But this is the nonsense.

Photos via: The Lost But Not Forgotten, the Cutest Paw, and the James Brunker.



  1. Viscachas! Buddha bunnies! Yay!

  2. Yeah, saw that yawning picture yesterday and just about died from the cute.

  3. I totally nominated viscachas in the world’s cutest animal poll the other day! Love that haughty look. 🙂

  4. januaryfarmer says:

    Thank you Fat Boy.

  5. Why does the voice of the viscacha sound like Hercule Poirot? (I am not a Frenchie, I’m a Belgie!)

  6. Dog Lover says:

    I get more of a Jerry Lewis vibe. 🙂

  7. and the fur with the hair and the ears and the thing…

  8. They look so soft! I wanna cuddle with them.

  9. Adorable!!

  10. Tim McDaniel says:

    The laid-back look made me think “mini capybara”.

  11. I got gypped and saw none of these in Peru. They appear to be some redonkulously cute and soft bunny-chinchilla hybrid!

  12. 4leafclover says:

    So hilarious!!! This is the first time I’ve ever seen such a creature!! I nominate NTMTOM to introduce all new species with his (possibly not scientifically accurate but nevertheless brilliant) descriptions. 😉

  13. Martha in Washington says:

    Sorry Clover, but NTMTOM is waaayyy too busy WRITING THAT COFFEE TABLE BOOK!!!
    *wishing he would hurry up already!*

  14. Martha in Washington says:

    Sounds like a return trip is now necessary. 😉

  15. From the flavor text, I’m getting more of an Antonio Banderas vibe myself… Adorable, especially the last one.

  16. 4leafclover says:

    A silly poem about a homesick viscacha:

    There was a viscacha
    who went to Kinshasa
    and promptly proclaimed “I’m lost!

    I’m in the wrong nation
    but due to inflation
    I cannot afford the cost

    of an airline ticket
    back to my thicket
    in the mountains of Peru.

    I’ve got a mere dollar
    tucked into my collar–
    Whatever shall I do?”

    So he thought and he thought
    and came up with a plot
    to reunite with his kin–

    “I’ll brave that jet lag
    in my warm sleeping bag–
    bunked in the overhead bin!”

  17. Smartypants says:

    Clap clap – wonderful! 🙂

  18. It is not fair to reference the long and curly tail without providing a picture of the tail.

  19. Catwhisperer says:

    Agreed. I kept trying to look behind them, but to no avail.

  20. petless in Puddletown says:

    The love child of a bunrab and a capybara.

  21. They all look like Clint Eastwood!

  22. All for it – anything to catch a glimpse of baby capybaras again.

  23. whatthelump says:

    Too true! Looks like we’ve already got an assignment for ‘Tocktober.

  24. whatthelump says:

    Yeah, I got a funny mental image of Jerry Lewis, Zorro, and Puss in Boots all jumbled up. Now I must sniff some fur of Viscacha!

  25. How do you think I got that mental image in the first place? **SNIFFFFFFF** 😉