Poll: Otterly Redonk

If you were to line up the cutest animals in the world, I have a suspicion that these guys would be at the top of the list. Or at least top five.

Take our poll- what are the cutest animuhls in the world?

Offended Tastefully once again.


  1. Mischief Girl says:

    Otters first (even without this video, I would have voted them first), followed closely by sloths.

    To make this a fair vote, you are going to have to leave compilation videos of all your candidates!

  2. Otters .. flippers down .. Otters ..

  3. Where the bun-buns at on this list?

  4. Baby pygmy hippos

  5. I have to vote for all the critters on the list. Let’s not forget elephants, giraffes, lemurs. . . Have I left out anybody? There really aren’t many animals I don’t love.

  6. pygmy marmoset

  7. Viscachas!

  8. Why choose? I say the cutest annimuhl in the worrld is the one who’s photo or video is posted on C.O. whenever I happend to come here.

  9. guinea pigs

  10. Kittehs and bunnies are tied among domesticated anipals (tho’ Golden Retriever puppehs ARE the epitome of Qte. As are bulldog puppehs. And Eskies. And Malteses. And Westies. And pygmy goats. And baby duckies. And…) For the wildlife set, I guess otters and red pandas are neck to neck. But there’s bebbeh tigers and lions. And B&W pandas. And giraffes, hippopotamuses and heffalumps. Not to forget olinguitos and marmosets and humming birds and chickadees and…

    I give up! Qte is all around us, and it’s impossible to decide which is cuter!!!

  11. I’m confused: the stones the otters are playing with seem to defy the laws of gravity. Is something odd happening here or have I had too much coffee?

    ps I’ve never not seen cute on this site and you’ve shown us a w-i-d-e variety of contenders, so my conclusion is all animals are cute (as least at some stage… even I was cute as a baby!)

  12. Coatis!!

  13. oh come on….they are all extremly cute…can’t pick just one…..

  14. ferrets – cause they’re otters who can kiss you back -

  15. Otters, though hedgies are really, really cute.

  16. How could the poll not include bunnies?!

  17. or guinea pigs?!
    Theres’s just too many… give it up… :)

  18. Blue Footed Booby says:

    It’s me.

  19. Dog Lover says:

    I voted for sloths but my heart really belongs to orangutans. Or puppies. :)

  20. SuzanneNL says:

    Oh come on, where are the bunnies? They are so cute, they deserve to be on the list!

  21. All baby animals are cute. As for adult animals – cats, otters, bunnies, dogs, panda bears (red and b&w), and foxes top my list. Can’t pick one over another.

  22. Bunnies! Boingy, Binky-ing, boisterous beautiful bouncy bunny buns!

  23. Exactly. Nothing will ever, ever be cuter than this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFqeWTfVi3I

  24. Male eclectus parrots. And no, I’m not at all biased.

  25. Um, where are the wombats? There are always wombats.

  26. Horses!! Ponies,Zebras,all things Equine

  27. Raccoons! How could you not mention them? They’re like cats, with hands!

  28. So many animals are cute but, SPECIFICALLY, Boxer Puppies are just SUPERNATURALLY CUTE! They defy physics in the amount of cute!

    The WIGGLES, The LEEPS, The gangles (all legs and giant paws) and ankle-chubs!

    I could go on.

  29. buns :(

  30. turtles! Although I do agree, all baby animals are cute :)

  31. YES! CO is getting some mighty disapproving foot thumps right now!

  32. It is extremely unfair to make us vote for just ONE cute animal!
    I concur with the “all baby animals are cute” contingent, and for adults, I like my cute to come with “amusing antics” on the side! :-)

  33. animal lover says:

    Bunnehs, Hedgies, and girraffies Hands down those are the best animuhls

  34. Ber-nehs!

  35. Tie between kittehs and pandas (whatever flavor and variety they come in). Can’t beat the cute on these.

  36. Bunnehs. They are adorable in looks and personality.

  37. Mary (the first) says:

    Who could choose?? I love them all !!

  38. rockhopper penguins. followed by goats

  39. Sugar gliders, hands down!

  40. Why hasn’t anyone mentioned hamsters?

  41. Bunnies aren’t available on the poll because everyone would vote for them. Same reason The Bible is never listed on The New York Times Best Sellers list. It’d always be #1.

  42. Rats. Especially rats between two and five weeks of age.

  43. OMG – seriously, they are all adorable and impossibly cute! How could we ever compare one sweet animal to another?

  44. Bunnies! Duh. :-) How are they not on the list?!

  45. Badgers! The Eurasian kind!!

    P.S. The video has disappeared :-( Does anyone know if there’s a copy somewhere else?

  46. Bob Drummond says:

    definitely Capybaras !!! ( maybe even turtles !) ;-)