Perfect Pairing

“Ewok proshness” Shih Tzu + “fro-tastic” Bichon Frise.
Are you ready for both at the same time?
Meet Cooper the Shichon.

Talk about cute and fluffeh, it’s like beyond snorglable.

You kind of want to take a deep breath and snorgle-plunge headfirst right into all that deep pile wall-to-wall floof!

But don’t because you should really just pet it.

“We took these photos of Cooper.  He was born July 3rd 2013.  He is the softest, sweetest, nicest puppy!!!!” -Jennifer L.



  1. Austin Starr says:

    The cuteness contest is over forever. The winner is . . . Cooper!

  2. Want!!!

  3. daytimedeb says:

    Head completely exploded over the cuteness that is Cooper!

  4. Dog Lover says:

    Holy crap!!! *thud*

  5. The feet. The feet. The feet. The feet. The feet. The feet. The feet. The feet. The feet. The feet. The feet. The feet.

  6. *screams* * dies*

  7. Surely this is a stuffed animal? Too Impossibly Cute *head asplodes*

  8. Okay, what word did I spell wrong?
    In the mod lounge, here, with some leftover Christmas cookies and eggnog. Feel free to drop by and bring that cute puppeh!

  9. my husband says he’s glad they don’t call it a “shitz-on”

  10. The Original Jane says:

    PLEASE tell me he looks this cute when he’s an adult? If so I may have to: 1) start getting allergy shots and 2) move to a place that allows pets. This breed needs it’s own line of stuffed animals representing it because it would TOTALLY outsell the teddy bear!

  11. The Original Jane says:

    They sent me to mod lounge too. I want a hot toddie and gooey cinnamon roll.

  12. The second pix is a stuffed toy, right ? Right ?

  13. I own two of this breeder’s puppies. They are my fur-kids.
    Mine have stayed adorable as adults. And as a bonus, they’re non-shedding, and have very little dandruff. So, other than shaving them on occasion, the maintenance on them is minimal and we don’t have to worry about hair all over the furniture!

  14. Christine nastro says:

    They are hypoallergenic

  15. I have that kind of husband, too : )

  16. My poor heart is jumpin’
    You sure have started somethin’!

  17. The Original Jane says:

    In actuality there is no such thing even though so many claim this breed or that is. It’s not the fur it’s the protein in animal saliva. The sneezing most people think about is because the fine particles of the protein dry and float in the air. I also will have my skin itch like crazy and/or break out in hives if I am licked.