It’s cold and snowy just about everywhere in the US. (Well, maybe not in LA or Miami.) How are your critters holding up? Send us a photo or video! (And be sure to include your location and current temp!)


Puppy Playing In Snow via Shutterstock. Video spotted on ViralViral.



  1. Hehe Miss Schnozz is totally enjoying herself in the tropical sunshine… no snow here in the islands 😉

  2. Smartypants says:

    So cute! It was up in the 40s today here (western Massachusetts) but temps are plummeting now, so everything that thawed today is gonna freeze overnight. Predicted low around zero?

    Sending warm thoughts to the Midwest!

  3. Take cover! It’s a ferocious yeti! Well . . . a small yeti. And by “ferocious”, I mean likely to lick your face off. So don’t take cover. Whatever.

  4. I love how the Greyhound does a fake “I’m gonna run you over!”

  5. I am completely head over paws in loff with Mosely…he’s a cool dude in a fast mood. 😉

  6. 260Oakley says:

    But she doesn’t get the chance to wear a stylish greyhound onesie. 😉

  7. Now I want my own Batman jammies, but I insist they be the ones with the feets built in.
    Mosely I wanna kiss yer nose!

  8. My critters (who live with my parents) are strictly indoor cats, so they are holding up just fine. I’m in NJ; it was 59 when I got to work, 44 a few hours later, currently 27, and expected to drop another 20 degrees tonight. Low 7, tomorrow’s high 15. Times like this I really miss my little hot pocket Chihuahua.

  9. The Midwest thanks you, and wishes that would actually make us warmer! Temp in northern Indiana is -13 right now, and going down, with wind chills 2nite between -30 and -45. According to the news you can get frost bite in 10 min! I hope no one in areas like this has their pets outside!!

  10. We live near Philly and although our cats are indoor critters as well they are a bit freaked out by all the wind. It sounds like the roof is gonna blow off the house!

  11. the batman jams are too cute omg!

  12. At 0:17! With that muppet face! Haha. And then a couple of hucklebutts (spinning). 😀

    Gotta love watching a greyhound run. Man… Even if it is in Batman jammies!

  13. This is one happy greyhound! So cute…

  14. A greyhound named Mosley. In Batman pajamas. Playing in the snow.

    I’m in love!

  15. Unbelievably cute pup! He would be fun to
    Be around. 🙂

  16. The trick is to get them to go outside!

  17. Mosley puts a grin on my face.

  18. OMG what an adorable goober.

  19. I have never seen a greyhound so happy to be outside in the snow and cold weather. They always seem so reluctant, like it’s punishment to go outside. Obviously it’s because those other greyhounds weren’t wearing such awesome batman jammies.

  20. Laura DragonWench says:

    Mosley shouldn’t be wearing Batman jammies, he should be wearing The Flash! He was totally doing Sheldon’s “Zoom, zoom, zoom!” as he flew past the camera. “You can’t see me, I’m too fast! I’m The Flash!” 😀

  21. (Sir David Attenborough voice) See how the greyhound used centrifugal force as he tries to remove the Batman pyjamas…