In the Wild World of Leep Leecking, Dustie is the Champ.

Mmm-Mmm, that banana was Mmm-Mmm leep-smacking Mmm-Mmm good. Gonna squeeze every last drop of Mmm-Mmm banana goodness out of eet! Mmm-Mmm. Taa-Daa!

Dustie, licking her lips after eating some banana via YouTube.



  1. Once A Fish says:

    Even slowed down, that tongue is FAST!!!!!!!!

  2. Cutest Florf I ever did see. 😮

  3. paula fisicaro says:

    my bunny, sally ann, loves bananas, and she has a tongue just as fast. got my first bunny in june, and never realized they were so damned cute!!!

  4. Dustie is a star! I love the slow motion shake ‘n fluff.

  5. Haha, so cute and soo disapproving.