Greatest Kitteh Baroo EVER

The headline says everything ya need to know.

Cute Little Kitten, via Shutterstock.



  1. What a cutie! I lost my “middlest” kitty on Christmas Day and still can’t get used to her not greeting me at the door when I get home. (The other two greet me when I get out the cat treats!)

  2. Ouch .. my neck hurts benting that far over ..

  3. jlamusings says:

    😦 So sorry to hear that! And on Christmas day too. 😦
    Amyliz’s other kittehs, you need to greet your pet parent at the door so there’s a little less sad. Get working on that comforting, STAT!

  4. Clairdelune says:

    I adore marmie tabbies, and this one is a winner!! 😀 Such a cutie, would make it hard to concentrate on daily duties instead of spending most of the day cuddling and skritching and kissing that little head… 🙂

  5. Hugs to you, amyliz, I’m so sorry for your loss.

  6. 😥 I am so sorry to hear that, amyliz 😥 (BIG CYBER HUG)

  7. You forgot carrying around in your arms or over your shoulder, Clairdelune 😀 I would carry this dear sweet little marmie tabby over my shoulder as I did my work 😀 He/she would also wear a cat harness and leash if I was outside 😀

  8. It’s so …I just …I can’t …*ded*

  9. That’s about an 85 degree baroo

  10. How can you baroo and be sad? *sniff*

  11. whatthelump says:

    Yes, great big hugs to you! Whenever I’ve lost a cat, another one needing a home would eventually show up at the doorstep as if they knew something. Perhaps a miraculous gift is in your future?

  12. Clairdelune says:

    Hmmm, Theresa, I see we suffer from the same chronic syndrome…. I’ve been known to hold off (painfully) taking a bathroom break so as not to disturb the sleeping kitty on my lap… and to forgo real sleep for several days because a newborn orphan kitteh needed to be bottle fed, warm, and cuddled on demand, and would not find peace unless he was nestled in my hair… and loved every minute of it!!! 😀

  13. AWW. I hope so too, whatthelump, that another dear sweet kitty needing a loving forever home comes to amyliz.

    So, how many kitties showed up on your doorstep knowing they will find a loving forever home with you, whatthelump?

  14. AWW 😀 How many dear sweet little kitties have you bottle fed, kept warm, cuddled on demand and let them nestle in your hair, Clairdelune 😀

    I have not had a kitty sleeping my lap when I needed a bathroom break, but if I did, the kitty would be gently carried to the bathroom and put over my shoulder as I had my bathroom break 😀

  15. whatthelump says:

    Just saw your comment! My first kitties were ones that got dumped in my back yard when I was a kid. (Since then I believe 5 have shown up.) Some years later an emaciated kitten wandered up a different back yard soon after we lost one cat. A few years ago I caught a feral kitty after a friend told me about a home that was having trouble with them, so he didn’t technically “show up”. But he’s the sweetest! He wasn’t shy at all and fearlessly walked into my cat carrier (after biting my pinky). Another time, a neighbor showed up with a stray kitten he couldn’t keep soon after we lost one to a car accident… And back in December a beautiful adult appeared a few months after we lost our 13 yr. old sweetie (the starving stray from earlier). It’s not like I’ve lived in areas with serious cat issues either. Anyway, I don’t know if it’s the circle of life or karma or what, but it always feels like fate!