I Can’t Believe It’s Not Pasta!

And I was about to ask for some marinara sauce and a glass of Cabernet!

Anttu writes: “I prepared some apples using a apple corer/peeler/slicer for the bunny (wild European hare, to be exact) that comes to my backyard every now and then for a snack. The result looks a bit like in an Italian restaurant.”



  1. SlaveToCat says:

    Uncle Wiggily visits Dr. Possum’s restaurant for gluten free Apples Calvados

  2. doomchild says:

    Greetings from Finland, I see 🙂 Cheers Anttu!

  3. 260Oakley says:

    Spaghetti alla Carbunara

  4. What a glorious bun bun!

  5. Hares are wonderful : ) I raised 4 of them and each had a completely different personality from independant and aloof to attention demanding. The last one insisted on sitting on my shoulder after getting the last bottle at night. Don’t eat them, people ; ) !

  6. How cute. I thought maybe it was spaghetti squash.

  7. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Gorgeous creature. Thanks for sharing your apple with him/her.

  8. Beautiful markings! But inless I am mistaken, he has an “Oh, no, the guys are never going to let me live this down. Caught eating food DELiberately put out for me by a human! They’ll be calling me “pet” names for the rest of the year.” look on his face.

  9. whatthelump says:

    Aw, he reminds me very much of the March Hare from various depictions of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. He must’ve been a wild European hare!

  10. This was my first thought, only with me on the other end…

  11. Smartypants says:

    What a great pic – looks just like the Albrecht Durer engraving (thanks, Google Images). And how nice of you to prepare the apple ‘noodles’.

  12. In reference to the hover, that would be an old bottle of Chianti, not just any old wine jug. Nana made them. Sweet bun and Sweet memories.

  13. I was similarly thinking they should get another bunny and hope the two accidentally kiss.

  14. I visited this post particularly to see whether NOMTOM’s usual brilliance would be equalled by an Oakley pun. I wuz not disappointed.

    Oh, and what lovely fur on the hare.

  15. That’s so cool. I didn’t think hares were ever kept as pets. We have a bunny and he’s a sweet guy.

  16. Killer Klown says:

    Sir Basil Staghare at your service, wot wot!