Dogs Who LOVE Snow

We saw Trousers yesterday- the T-Man is clearly in his element when it comes to snow. Now, here are a lotta puppehs who feel exactly the same way, and aren’t afraid to show it! WHO wants a little snow? WHO’s a knucklehead? THAT’s right, YOU are!

Submitted by Erin M.



  1. I want to be where these guys are.

  2. I’ve tried explaining to cat people how dogs experience snow. They just do not understand. I have warmed up to cats…but watching my dogs when they fight, flirt, lick and roll in wonderous white fluff rips your heart out and your face squeal in delight. Ah, snow. 🙂 Thanks for sharing! Best, Christine

  3. I love how animals who do love snow REALLY love it, they get all frisky! It’s the same with horses. I used to ride and even the most sedate horse would get all wild if we rode out in wintertime. Kids be flyin’! 😀 I know pandas love it too (panda snow enrichment days in San Diego).

  4. Laura DragonWench says:

    I wish I had video of my dog, Gus (full name Snuffleupagus because of the way he would burrow into your neck when he was a puppy and snort), an Australian shepherd mix who sadly had to be put to sleep back in 2010 because of health problems. When we lived in western CO, we would drive up to Black Mesa to play in the snow and to watch Gus was just pure joy. He would take a run at the nearest snow mound and dive head-first into it before barreling through to take a run at another mound. And he loved catching snowballs with his mouth, chomping and snorting and flying through the air to seek out each one. Of course, he wasn’t all “good boy” when it came to our other dog, Pebbles, an older mutt I adopted who’s been gone for 16 years. Gus would take a run at her and knock her into the snow, his black body and her golden one tumbling through the snow drifts. She would then chase him and both would barrel through the snow, tongues out, muzzles grinning, before she would tackle him and give him the same as what she got.

    But it’s not just dogs that love the snow. Contrary to popular opinion, some cats have fun in it as well. Also while we lived in CO, we had two black cats that had been dumped on us by my brother (who’d found them as kittens, abandoned at his apartment complex, soaking wet and scrawny; he said he’d find them a permanent home, which he did–ours). Heckle and Jeckle were twins, but two completely different brothers you could never find. Jeckle was small and skinny and a total diva; when he went outside in the snow, he daintily lifted each foot, shook off the snow, and delicately set it back down, repeating the process every step. Needless to say, he didn’t stay outside very long. Heckle, on the other hand, was a big ol’ bruiser with a pendulous Buddha belly swinging around his legs, who could move like greased lightning when he was on the hunt. He would barrel through the snow, the same as the dogs, romping and playing and completely enjoying himself. He’d come back inside (eventually) caked with snow, leaving damp trails through the house.

  5. It certainly does sound like you lived in CO!

    You write a beautiful picture, btw 🙂

  6. Laura DragonWench says:

    At first I was like, “Well, yeah, of course I lived in Colorado. I don’t get it.” But then I had a ‘duh!’ moment and realized what you were referring to. ;D

    Thank you. Needless to say, the memories of those times are quite vivid and very precious to me.