What time is it, Penny? About 10:10, you say?

“This is Penelope Cruz. We adopted her for $5 from PARL. She is definitely worth more than $5 because she is one amazing bunny!” -Jessica.



  1. You are going to have an interesting life with a Dutchie! Personality with a capital, bold-faced P!! So glad you adopted! 🙂

  2. Hmm, perky ears. Looks more like 11:05 to me.

  3. How adorable! But looks more like 11:05 to me, too! My rabbit, Juni the Wonderbunny, just posted a photo on her blog where she is demonstrating 10:10. http://www.eatyourlettuce.com

    Does that look about right to you? (We love CuteOverload.com!)

  4. Smartypants says:

    $5? Sounds like you got your bunny’s worth – I mean, money’s worth! Congrats on your new addition. And a great name too.

  5. Smartypants says:

    Yes, Juni is definitely showing 10:10…or demonstrating the “hands at ten and two” driving position. Love her eye-spots!

  6. Hey, I was gonna say that!

  7. Awww, love her eyes. She’s got the smokey eye look down pat.