Polly Want a Cracker, NAO!

Polly, Polly, Polly. You don’t need to get so upset it’s just a cracker it’s not like it’s life.

Wha-, but crackers is life!

Getting told by Polly – not a bad way to go. (squawk)

More about this sassy Palm Cockatoo chick born at the Prague Zoo, via Zooborns!



  1. I have seen this chick before, and it seriously looks like a Muppet Martian.

  2. He wants crackers just like Bill Murray….


  3. The baby looks like he/she is wearing pine needles! I’m guessing those are the sticks (yes, that is the proper term) the feather-y/downy part will grow on? Or maybe it’s some sort of undercoat(-ing) – the adult boyd seems to still have “pine needles” like that around the face.

  4. Are you sure this isn’t a dodo bird?

  5. The feathers are coated in plasticky (keratin?) covering that comes off as they get bigger. The bird preens them off. Love Palm Cockatoos. 🙂

  6. Uh oh…mod lounge. I used the real name. Oooooh crackers and a cheese plate. Yum!

  7. Killer Klown says:

    Baby Skeksis.
    Definitely baby Skeksis.

  8. “Pin feathers”, at least on our cockatiels, grow out looking like pine needles, and as the birds preen, a sort of keratin-like coating peels off, and the “real” feather fluffs out into its true beauty.

  9. 4leafclover says:


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  11. 4leafclover says:

    I don’t have any crackers, Polly–But can I interest you in a nice game of hide-and-go-squawk?

  12. Pin feathers. They are on my “ugh!!” list along with lotus pods as thing that give me shivers. They just look so uncomfortable.

  13. I love any critter who starts out as an only a face a mother could love and turns into a face all of us squee over. This little morsel is delightful.

  14. The second pic looks like a mini-velociraptor! 😀

  15. indeed!!!!

  16. Here’s a good video of what they look like as adults:

  17. Don’t know a lot about birds, so I gotta ask: what is that sac/pouch on his chest in second pic?

  18. That chest pouch is called the crop. The parents stuff the baby’s crop full of regurgitated food, and the crop drains into the stomach.
    Vomit! It gives you wings!

  19. It’s the bird’s crop. That bebeh has been fed recently. Lurves me some bebeh parrot action!

  20. Thanks!
    Boy, ya learn something new every day on this site!

  21. omg i highly recommend following the link for some video action!!! including baby palm cockatoo sound effects which narrowly beat out teddy the porcupine for best ringtone ever.

  22. Judging by the actions?reactions? of our birds after molting, they are itchy and somewhat uncomfortable. But it gives us humans a good chance to bond with our birds, because they LOVE scritches at such times, and even the more skittish ones can be more easily tempted by gentle patient fingers.

  23. I found the cheese ball particularly tastey while waiting for release from the mod lounge.

  24. The fact that they are related is very clear, no?

  25. I’d wear that t-shirt.

  26. Smartypants says:

    Win! Nothing says love like a crop-ful of pre-chewed noms!