Not Everyone Hates The Snow

Take Trousers, for example. If there’s something better than a Slo-Mo Sno Romp with The Moose, he hasn’t found it yet. (And lookit the Big Furry ‘Tocks bounding through the snow @ :23. And can there BE a better name than “Trousers?”)





  1. Sharon Wilson says:

    That dog missed his calling–he clearly oughtta retrieve!

  2. Is Trousers anywhere near Wisconsin? He might be needed for the game this evening.

  3. awesome set of fluffy tocks!

  4. Slo-mo tocks spectaculaire! Love the music choice too. Hard rock? Haha.

  5. phred's Mom says:

    And for Sunday’s game!
    Brrrrrrrrrrrr, and brrrrrrrr
    some more!

  6. Whoops, had my schedule mixed up. I will, however, reiterate my desire to have Trousers within my vicinity. If he could bring a small snowdrift with him down to the islands, that would be nice too.

  7. phred's Mom says:

    Is ok, Starfish, I did the same
    thing this morning. I have no
    excuse. (Go Iggles!)

  8. And look at those ears that goes flappity-flappity when he runs! I love Old English Sheepdogs.

  9. YES! Loved it. So delighted with the choice of music. I almost always have to turn down the sound because they always wanna put some cheesy, lame, cloying music to every animal video! Get that mean ol’ moose, Trousers!

  10. Love the total shake at about 1:42. : )

  11. I love OES’s!! I once went to a dog show and was “herded” by two OES’s. Long story but it was fun… LOL!!!

  12. Love! Reminds me of my Harriet. But, man is that owner going to have wet floors once all the snowballs start melting off his fur! I have wet socks from December onwards!