Gracias, It Was Nothing

Juárez, Mexico — A throng of excited onlookers turns out to greet Pedro Perro, the lucky one hundred millionth pup to piddle on the Tomb of the Unknown Conquistador.

Via Reddit.


  1. What a proud little strut!

  2. Every pup should have a parade!!

  3. Love the way he’s taking all the adulation in stride. “Why, yes, I AM rather fantastic! This is all simply my due.”

  4. Clairdelune says:

    Actually, he is thinking “What’s all the fuss?? I know I’m wonderful, but I’m wonderful EVERY day, so what’s special about today? Haven’t you ever seen me piddle before? Really, some hoomins are so odd…”

  5. sabrina rose says:

    “Go” Pedro! Good boy!

  6. Of course this is what happens when you vote “Pedro for President.”

  7. Amorcito… Take it all in, little guy.


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