You Mean WOMBAT, Right?

Nope, Jennifer W. posted this to the C.O. FB page…this little knucklehead is a Numbat.


Numbats are an endangered Australian marsupial and it would be great if everyone knew what they were so they don’t disappear forever. They are not only adorable but they are natural pest controllers as they eat termites. And they have the cutest, dangliest little front legs when they are standing up!”





  1. Beautiful stripes! I had to laugh when I read “rusty numbat” in the Wiki article, hahahaha.

    Did the name “numbat” remind anyone else of the kid who got the word “numnah” in a spelling bee a few years back?

  2. You learn something every day – thank you I quite like the word ‘Numbat’ although it does have insulting overtones. Hope the delightful little chaps survives.

  3. “numnah” – had to look that one up…and watched the spelling bee clip as well. Thanks for starting my morning with a laugh, AdrianaB.

  4. Double dose of Rule of Cuteness #25: If you dangle your paw it’s cute!
    Close cousin to Rule of Cuteness #12: Floppeh limbs are cute!

  5. That teeny nosicle demands a petite boop.


  6. Australia– where natural selection said, “Well, let’s see what THIS does….” And sometimes the results aren’t even extremely toxic. Long live numbats!

  7. He looks like a fine, squeaky, little thing!


    Yup, looks funny.

    Now to say it out loud. A LOT.

  9. Totally adorbs! Save the numbats!!

  10. Oh, Australia why do you have to have such cute but strange animals? I submit a video of a yawning numbat:

  11. Alice Shortcake says:

    Wow. I just watched that video AND I WASN’T EXPECTING THE TONGUE!!

  12. Omigosh! Thank you Alice Shortcake, for the warning about the tongue…the yawn alone was nearly too prosh, but with the addition of the tongue…I melted and puddled on the floor!

  13. The cutest character in “Doc Rat” is a preadolescent numbat.

  14. Rhea3 — I see you are submitting an early entry for reply of the year. Good Job!