I Can Haz MacBook Pro?

They are just the right temp! Not too hot, not too cool. Windoze laptops tend to be kinda chilly on ma rumpus.

“Weekend of fun with Scootiepatootie, my now 13 week old kitteh. Hope you enjoy her as much as we do.” -Dr. Nome in Western Australia.



  1. Hanglyman says:

    Love those beautifully clear, excited kitten eyes! Right between the googly-eyed blank stare of spherical-headed stumbly kittens and the lazy, jaded “feed me, servant” glance of a full-grown cat.

    So, I don’t have a specific photo to send, but I’d like to do an unofficial submission. Do an image search for “viscacha”. You’re welcome.

  2. She’s beautiful!

  3. OMG a chinchilla bunny!!!

  4. AWW 😀 You are so lucky to have that dear sweet 13 week old kitten, Scootiepatootie, Dr. Nome in Western Australia 😀

  5. I would not mind if someone gave me a kitty or two or more and a laptop on my birthday (January 3rd) 😀

  6. Ah, so delectabuhls.

  7. I’ve got two 6-month old youngsters who need a home, Teresa.

  8. A winter treat. Baked Apples.

  9. What a sweet little morsel. She has already begun the human training process by pointing out she must be paid attention to at all times! Computers are only allowed to be used to look at CO and then remaining time of the day must be spent adoring the kitteh!

  10. aliveatnight says:

    My cat is obsessed with doing this. Leave the room for 30 seconds and I’ll come back to her sitting on it like she owns it!

  11. er, but, she does! lol

  12. aliveatnight says:

    You’re right about that! Along with my bed, my room, my food, sect! She rules all!

  13. AWW 😀 I live in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada, Debg 😀 If you live nearby, I will talk to my brother and his male friend about letting me adopt two dear sweet six month old kitties 😀 (I will do a lot of crying)

  14. 😆 That is kitties for you, aliveatnight 😆

  15. aliveatnight says:

    Oh yeah. I’ve got 7 of them here now! They rule the world

  16. Add in magazines, books and generally anything that doesn’t involve the kitteh. She will be all over you in a flash. Doesn’t matter if its me, or anyone else. All attenshun on Scootiepatootiekittenpants (she has white pants). My bday was on the 2nd so this was a lovely present. Scootie is a star in the making and this should be renamed Scoot Overload 😀